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How do I schedule my air-con to turn on/off automatically?

Step 1: Tab on the "Smart" icon on the bottom of the home page and make sure that you are on the "Automation" page.

Step 2: Tab on the "+" on the top right corner of the "Smart" Page.

Step 3: Edit and change the name of the smart setting. 

Step 4: Tab on the "+" icon on the "Any Condition is Met" section.

Step 5: Tab on "Schedule".

Step 6: Select the days of the week for scheduling.

Step 7: Select the "Execution Time".

Step 8: Tab on "Next".

Step 9: Tab on the "+" icon on the "Action" section.

Step 10: Set your preferred air-con setting and tab on next.

Step 11: Tab on save and you're set. 

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