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Why are certain sections of my All Colours COB light strip displaying different colours of light or not lit up?

There are a few possibilities to this issue. 

  1. Faulty set - There is always a chance of a faulty set being sent to you due to manufacturing mistakes. However, as a precautionary measure, the Near team double checks the light strips before sending them out. To confirm that your light strip is tested, you will find a marking on the start of the strip with a serial number that proves that it has been tested thoroughly. Hence, a faulty set is quite unlikely. 

  2. Installation error - During the installation process, the installer (i.e. end-user or electrician) may have accidentally folded the LED strip in an awkward angle thus damaging the PCB board. (This will not be covered by warranty). 

    The most common installation error is by damaging the resistors on the COB chip. An example of an undamaged group of resistor can be observed in the following photo. (This will not be covered by warranty). 

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