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Why do Near's smart devices keep going offline despite having a stable internet connection?

There are multiple factors that can result in your smart products going offline, we have compiled a list of possible causes below for your reference.

  1. Ensure optimal signal strength for your smart product by double-checking for dead zones. Conduct a speed test using the generic Google speed test on your smartphone in the vicinity of the offline product.

  2. Your router's capacity may have reached its limits. You may consider upgrading to one with stronger capabilities. 

  3. Solid walls and floors made of concrete, metal, or brick can block Wi-Fi and Zigbee signals.
    • Inspect the path between your router & smart device to ensure that there are no heavy-duty structures that may interfere with the signals.
    • Try moving your router to an open and unobstructed place.
    • Try moving your smart device closer to the router.
    • Consider adding mesh routers for a more extensive and reliable network connection. 

  4. Your network may be overly congested. If you have several people accessing the internet or streaming videos at the same time, you may experience a Wi-Fi network bandwidth issue.
    • Optimize your home's connectivity by directly wiring your PCs and TVs to your router. By removing multiple devices from your wireless network, you can effectively declutter and enhance network efficiency.
    • Optimize your wireless network by dedicating the 2.4GHz band for your smart home devices, while utilizing the 5.0GHz band for other devices like your computer and smartphone.

  5. If you are using Zigbee products, they may be installed too far away from the zigbee hub. You can either purchase a Near Zigbee repeater or an additional hub. This will address any potential signal weakening due to distance from the Zigbee hub.

  6. Your product may be faulty, kindly reach out to Near support team for assistance.

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