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10 ways to use Near smart bulbs

10 ways to use Near smart bulbs

Did you know that apart from being an alternative to traditional lighting, there is a myriad of other ways to use smart lighting? Keep reading to find out ten creative ways to use Near smart bulbs.

1. Set the mood for any activity

One of the most amazing features of Near smart bulbs is that they come with 16 million RGB colours, making it easy to adjust the lighting to suit your mood. For example, if you are working from home and need to focus, adjust the lights to a cool white colour. When it’s time to call it a day, switch to a warm yellow light to help you wind down and relax.

2. Light up dark hallways

Smart lights are incredibly versatile and can be paired with smart motion sensors to take your home automation to the next level. When motion is detected, your smart lights will turn on automatically. No more fumbling for the light switch in the dark when you get home!

3. Use them like an alarm clock

If you don’t want to wake your sleeping baby at home or wish to do away with blaring alarms, smart lights can be a viable alternative to your alarm clock. To leverage smart lights as a visual reminder, simply schedule your lights to change colour when time is up for a specific task.

4. Keep intruders at bay

Already have a smart camera installed but wish to further amp up your home security? Before you leave home, simply schedule your lights to turn on and off at random intervals to give the impression that someone is at home. You can also pair your smart lights with motion sensors so that the lights will turn on when motion is detected, scaring away potential intruders.

5. Welcome you home

Come home to a brightly lit house by scheduling your lights to turn on when you’re about to reach home. Never come back to a pitch-black house again!

6. Improve sleep habits

Bedtime routines are beneficial to adults and children alike and can help to relieve stress and anxiety from the day’s events. If you find it challenging to stick to a night routine, let your smart lights help. Simply schedule your smart bulb to start dimming about an hour before bedtime. Since our circadian rhythms are sensitive to light, doing so will help your brain recognise that it’s time to sleep and let you drift off to sleep gradually.

7. Wake better

Apart from promoting good sleep, smart lights such as GU10 smart bulb can also help you get off to a more energetic start in the morning. Schedule your lights to turn on with a yellow hue that mimics the sun’s brightness. Like how light helps your brain recognise that it’s bedtime, it also allows your body to recognise that it’s time to wake up. If you have trouble waking in the morning despite multiple blaring alarms, this method could work for you.

8. Illuminate dark spaces like cupboards and wardrobes

Always struggling to find your items in dark, tight spaces like cupboards and wardrobes? Install some smart lights and pair them with motion sensors. This way, the space will be automatically illuminated when you open your cupboard or wardrobe, making it easier to locate your things.

9. Beautify your home

Transform a blank wall at home into a breathtaking feature wall with smart lighting. Simply swap out your existing bulb for a smart bulb, and watch your wall change colour with a single tap on your mobile phone. This is a cost-effective and fuss-free solution to revamping areas in your home if you’re living in a rental property, or don’t wish to spend a hefty sum on a makeover.

10. Use them as a reminder to take a break

With working from home being the norm these days, the line between work and rest is increasingly blurred. Sitting in front of the screen for extended periods of time without taking a break is bad for your eyes, and may affect the quality of your work. To overcome that,  get your smart lights to dim as a visual reminder to take a break every 30 to 40 minutes.


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