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4 Essential Smart Home Products for Every Household in Singapore

4 Essential Smart Home Products for Every Household in Singapore

Looking to create a smart home but not sure how to begin? Getting started with smart home automation in Singapore is simpler than you might think. Here are four essential smart home products to kickstart your home automation journey.

1. Smart lights

Have you always wished you could control your lights wherever and whenever? With smart lights, you can! Using a smart home app like the Near app, you can turn your lights on and off remotely no matter where you are. If you have forgotten to turn off your lights in your morning rush, no worries – simply turn them off via the Near app. No more anxiety and risking a huge electricity bill!

Smart lights like GU10 bulb can also be scheduled to turn on and off automatically, making them the perfect companion for your morning and bedtime routines. For example, if you have trouble waking up to shrill alarms in the morning, try scheduling your lights to brighten and wake you gently. Our circadian rhythms are programmed to be sensitive to light and darkness, which in turn affects our sleep patterns and wakefulness. Hence, you may find it easier to wake up to light than an alarm clock. Similarly, schedule your lights to dim a few hours before bedtime to unwind and lull yourself to sleep.

Apart from unparalleled convenience, smart lights have a wide variety of other uses, including beautifying your favourite space in the house, building your very own home theatre, and boosting productivity.

2. Smart camera

Take home security to the next level with a motion-detecting smart camera. Unlike traditional security cameras, smart cameras constantly keep you updated on what’s happening at home via a smart home app, 24/7. You will also receive a HD snapshot of the area you’re monitoring whenever motion is detected, so you will definitely be notified if intruders are roaming around your home unannounced!

If you are worried about leaving your elderly parents or little ones alone at home with the caretaker while you’re away at work, a smart camera will come in handy as well.

3. Smart plugs

With seemingly endless day-to-day work and family commitments, there is hardly enough time for anything else. Fortunately, smart plugs are here to help you out. What exactly are smart plugs? To put it simply, a smart plug functions like a powerpoint adapter that fits between your power socket and the appliance you wish to use. The coolest thing about smart plugs is that they work with practically any household appliance – including non-smart ones!

Once your appliance is plugged in, you can automate it with a voice command or a single tap on your mobile phone. For example, if you wish to come home to a cooked dinner, simply prep the ingredients beforehand and place them in your slow cooker. Once you knock off from work, get the slow cooker to turn on and start cooking via the smart home app. And voila! A hearty meal will be waiting for you when you get home.

4. Smart sensors

If you already have smart lights at home, consider pairing them with smart sensors to turn your home automation up a notch. Are you always terrified of tripping and falling or waking up your spouse when you get up for a late-night toilet or water run? DIY a smart night light by pairing a smart sensor with an LED lightstrip. No more fumbling for the light switch in the dark! Similarly, you can do the same for the lights in your hallway so that they automatically turn on when you come home – no more coming home to pitch darkness.

You can also try this for dark and cramped spaces in your home, such as cabinets and wardrobes. This way, these areas will automatically light up when you open them, making it a breeze to locate your items.


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