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5 Surprising Things You Can Do With Smart Lights

5 Surprising Things You Can Do With Smart Lights

With the proliferation of smart home technologies in Singapore, you’re probably not a stranger to smart lighting. However, apart from general LED ceiling lighting, did you know that smart lights can be used in many other creative ways? Keep reading to find out.

1. Set up your very own home theatre

Always wanted to recreate the ambience of a cinema in your home theatre, but unsure of how to do so? The answer lies in incorporating smart lighting into your theatre setup. While large widescreen TVs and surround sound systems are essential, having a smart lighting control system in place will make all the difference.

Adding a few dimmable overhead lights to your home theatre will elevate the area’s aesthetic appeal. Besides, you should not be watching movies on a brightly lit screen in pitch darkness as it will result in eye strain and fatigue. Adding ambient overhead lighting will not only create the right ambience for your home theatre but also reduce strain on your eyes.

If your budget allows for it, you can even consider installing LED smart light strips to areas like the back of your projector screen or under your sofa. Doing so creates accent lighting that completes the look of your home theatre system.

2. Create art out of your favourite space

One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to transform a room or space is to use a colour-changing smart light bulb. With over 16 million colours to choose from, you can easily highlight your favourite spaces in the house and make a statement.

For example, if you’re thinking of creating a feature wall, simply install the smart light bulb in a lamp and place it behind your sofa. This way, you can change the colours of the feature wall according to your mood and as often as you like – no need to go through the trouble of painting the wall and regretting your colour choice afterwards!

3. Match your lights to your mood and routine

Did you know that the colour of your lights can affect your mood and emotions? A study found that exposure to blue light increased relaxation and psychological comfort, while yellow lights promoted positive emotions and focus.

With that in mind, you could set your lights to a specific colour for different activities throughout the day. For example, opt for cool yellow lights for the first few hours of the day to boost your mood and energy levels. If you need to relax and clear your mind for activities like yoga sessions, set your lights to a warm, calming blue colour to help you wind down.

4. Amp up your home security

That’s right – on top of installing a smart camera, your smart lighting system can double up as a home security system, too. Before you leave home, schedule your lights to turn on and off in a varied pattern so that potential intruders watching your home will think that someone’s in there – it’s as simple as that!

5. Set alarms and reminders

If you’re not a fan of harsh, blaring alarms, consider using smart lights as an alarm or reminder. Our circadian clock, also known as an internal clock, is programmed to be sensitive to light. Hence, exposure to light affects our sleep patterns and alertness. This is also why waking up using light is likely to be more effective than alarms.

Schedule your smart lights such as the GU10 bulb to wake you gently in the morning with yellow light to simulate the sun’s brightness. Similarly, you can schedule your lights to dim two hours before bedtime to remind yourself that it’s almost time to sleep.

Apart from regulating your sleep, smart lights also come in handy as visual reminders when you need a timer for tasks like cooking dinner or completing your work. Simply schedule your lights to change colours when the time is up!


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