A Smart Home is a Safe Home

A Smart Home is a Safe Home

Did you know that the crime rates in Singapore increased in 2019? Although housebreaking and serious property cases might have decreased by 14.9% and 26.2% respectively, that does not mean that every home is safe. Every time you leave your home unattended, you are putting it at risk of being broken into. So, if you thought locking your windows, doors, and gates is more than enough, think again.

Is Your Home Safe While You are Away on Holiday?

According to research, burglaries are 10% more likely to occur during the summer holidays. Whatever the reason for this spike, such a rise in crime rates is a clear sign that everyone needs to invest in a home security system.

At Near, we understand that you can’t put a price on the safety of your home and family. So, we’ve put together a list of smart home security solutions to deter any possible crimes.

Security-Focused Smart Home Automation System

Head over to any tech-store, and you are sure to find state-of-the-art equipment. When it comes to security, there are a few common gadgets that are ALWAYS suggested – security cameras being one of them. Yes, there is no denying that security cameras are a great deterrent. But beyond the widely used security camera, what other ways can you keep your home safe?

1. Lights Out

Although smart home lighting is gaining popularity in Singapore, it might be strange to some that lighting increases safety solution when used correctly. Not only do you benefit from the convenience of having a smart home automation system, but also the increased protection and ability to strategically manipulate your lights 24/7! Smart lighting can thus be said to be one of the best smart home automation and security solution

Since lights are an indicator if someone is at home or not, you can schedule your Near smart lights on the Near app. As with all other Near products, when building a smart home automation system, Near is the app for you! Remotely control the lights to turn on and off at different times of the day to make it look like there are people in the house.

2. The Hinges Have Eyes

near smart door sensor.pngNear Smart Door Sensor

Here’s the thing – security cameras will record EVERYTHING for you, and then what? While you may have footage of the crime occurring, security cameras do not directly prevent trespassing or any other offences from happening. This is where door sensors come in.

As we all know, doors and gates can be mangled with and broken. When that happens, your home’s first line of defence will be compromised, and the burglar can now wander your empty home freely. When you install a door sensor, like the Near smart door sensor, you will be alerted of any odd movement in your abode. 

If anyone opens your door, window, or drawers, here is what the Near door sensors will do:

  • Automates lighting, like your smart LED ceiling light
  • Notifies you immediately

Not only will you be able to notify the authorities about the strange movement in your home, but the automated lighting also acts as a subtle deterrent. Ready to use out the box, the Near smart door sensor is sure to play a part in keeping your home safe.

3. Don’t Move!

near smart motion sensor.png 

Near Smart Motion Sensor 

Installing motion sensors is another great way to keep your home safe while you are away. Designed to track movement in the house, this gadget comes in handy for those who do not have security cameras or have cameras without infra-red features. The Near smart motion sensor, for example, has Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR). Able to sense motion reliably both during daytime and at night while consuming little energy, this smart accessory is perfect for your smart home solutions and convenience. It is also compact and can be installed in the most strategic places, going unnoticed by intruders.

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