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An Uber Pet, Safe in Your Smart Home

An Uber Pet, Safe in Your Smart Home

Calling all pet owners! Ever heard of the pet tech revolution? Well, it’s a thing. Not to say that pets are taking over the world (though they effortlessly take over our hearts), but the powerful combo of increasing global pet population and tech-savvy individuals has brought about the explosion of a new industry – Pet Technology.

We’ve seen tech trends catered to us, humans. From smart devices to smart homes, the industry is booming, and many are now embracing it instead of shunning it away as some cyber-virus. Why the sudden interest? Because everyone is coming to understand the true value in adding convenience and improving security. So, here’s the main question: If we, regular citizens in Singapore, can benefit from smart technology, can our pets get in on the action too?


Anything is Paw-sible with Smart Technology

You might have noticed that there are several smart technologies out in the market catered to pet owners – pet feeders, trackers, and more. Though these are the standard go-to gadgets, there are loads of other devices that you can use to do anything from train to alert to even monitor your pets while they are left alone at home.

1. Pup-arazzi’s Got Their Eyes on You

The first smart technology that is a must-have, is a camera. Let’s be real, this one might not have come as a surprise. A common technology, seen everywhere in Singapore, it is used by many families to keep an eye on their loved ones. The perfect solution to monitor the safety and well-being of the elderly and children, installing a camera will come in handy when you are curious to find out what your pet is doing while you’re away at work. 

2. Forgo the Leashes

naughty dog

Hear us out when we say that smart door sensors are probably one of the most versatile devices to integrate into your smart home automation system. A great option to get creative with, there are many ways to use this smart gadget for your furry four-legged friend. By linking the Near smart door sensor to other Near smart products, like LED light bulbs, you can automate your home lighting. Should your pets push doors open while wandering around the house at night, the area will be brightly lit, and you’ll have a history of their movement stored for up to 7 days.

Have a sneaky one that pulls stunts to retrieve treats? Compact enough, our door sensor can be mounted onto cabinets. Receive a push notification if the cabinet doors are opened!

3. Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?  

Clickers are common training tools for pets, especially dogs. But, did you know that other forms of a repetitive signal can be purposely used to teach dogs? Just like Pavlov’s bell, a signal like you saying “NO!”, will help train your dogs. The Near Smart Motion Sensor can be paired with a voice assistant speaker that plays a pre-recorded audio to warn them off when movement is detected in an area that is out of bounds.

4. Light or Fright

No pet owner likes the idea of leaving pets alone at home. Control and schedule your smart home lighting remotely so that your pets are not left in the dark. According to a study by the Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, flickering lights tend to induce fear in animals. Therefore, when choosing lighting suitable for your pets at home, opt for LED lights with low flicker rates instead. 

Think that is all a smart home lighting control system can do? There’s more! Keep your pets safe at home with a smart home control system that includes a motion sensor and lighting. Detecting movement with its Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR), you can task our motion sensor to turn on lights in your room when there is motion in specific parts of the home so that you are immediately alerted of your pet’s movements – and catch them in the midst of their mischievous act!


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