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Celebrating the Holiday Season during the Pandemic

Celebrating the Holiday Season during the Pandemic

As we wrap up and look back at the past year, there is no denying that it has been a whirlwind for all of us – it will be an understatement to say that 2020 has been nothing short of ups and downs. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken centre stage as one of the key events that have changed the way work, live and play. But, if there is one thing that has not changed with the pandemic, it is our holiday spirit.

New Approach to Usher in the New Year

There is no doubt that this holiday season will be different. From travel restrictions to social gathering limitations, our ability to connect, entertain, and celebrate has changed. However, the world has shown resilience in these difficult times, coming up with innovative ways to adapt to the new normal – one of them being the increased reliance on smart technology.

Smart Tech, Home and Decor?

phone with christmas tree lights backdrop

A classic example of smart technology that has become part of the new normal here in Singapore is the TraceTogether token. With such smart devices being part and parcel of daily life, it comes as no surprise that smart home technology and control systems have seen an increase in adoption. Why?

Well, with more people staying at home for longer hours, shifts in trends were inevitable. So, what were homeowners looking for in a home this 2020, and how will it affect trends of 2021? Here are our guesses: 

  • Minimalism: Functionality will be at the forefront of all interior design decision
  • Creating a safe haven: As more time is spent at home, it needs to be THE space we can find reprieve
  • Convenience: With all the hustle and bustle, anything that takes the weight off our shoulders is a plus

Now, where does the holiday season and home decor fit in?

Home Decor Ideas Tis’ Holiday Season

When we think of Christmas and the New Year, one thing comes to mind without fail – besides all the gifts and fireworks – it’s home decor! The perfect time to deck our homes with the coolest home decor products, the holiday season gives us an excuse to go all out.

Going Beyond the Typical Choices 

Rope lights and colourful ornaments – these are the standard go-to decorative elements. But, with smart tech now trending, why don’t we use it to decorate our homes? Thought they were plain, boring looking, and expensive? We’re here to tell you otherwise!

 16 million colours at your fingertips.png

16 Million Colours at your Fingertips | The Near App

Wireless, energy-efficient, and easy to control using a centralised system, smart home devices are products that can serve double duty as home decor.

Smart Home Decor to Consider Decking Your Home With

Get creative this festive season with smart devices from Near! Not sure how? We’ve got you covered with these home decor ideas.

1. Smart LED Spotlights

Woking from home has now become a norm for many. Create a spot in your home where you can lay back and relax after a long day at work or put your Christmas tree on display under the Near Smart spotlight. Like any other smart LED ceiling lights, the new-age smart home lighting allows all its features to be controlled on a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to configure lighting effects and lighting schedules on the Near app.

2. Smart LED Strip Lights

smart led strip lights setup

Smart LED Strip Lights

The perfect solution to level up your gaming setup, the Near Smart LED strip lights can double as wall art due to their malleability and flexibility. Manipulate its structure and form to create custom patterns on flat surfaces or place them under beds, sofas, tables, bars or use them as cove lights. Pick a fun colour scheme on the Near app to set the festive mood!

3. Invisible Automation Solutions

Say goodbye to odd tangles of wires in the corner of your room and achieve the picture-perfect look with the Near Smart motion sensor. Easily integrated into the living space without disrupting the existing aesthetics, these automate other Near smart home lighting too 


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