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Father’s Day Gifts: Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s Day Gifts: Ideas for Every Dad

We are midway through 2020, and the countdown for Father’s Day is now on. Search the internet for the trendiest gifts this Father’s Day, and you may be surprised by the varying lists. Water bottles, mugs, sandals, and wireless thermometers are a few that may crop up. Surely, it is the thought that counts, but to have your dad feeling special this Father’s Day, something more unique and personalised will do the trick. To cater to all the hardworking dads in Singapore, Near has rounded up a few Father’s Day gift ideas based on the core question – that if answered accurately – will bring a smile to your dad’s face: What type of Dad is he?

1. The Gadget Lover

With the new wave of tech gadgets, building a smart home is probably the dream of every dad in Singapore. A good place to start is with voice assistant technology like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These powerful tools can help manage household tasks, put kids to bed, and order groceries, amongst others. When additional products like smart TVs, security cameras, and smart ceiling lights are integrated, a customised smart home automation system can be set up. In his rendezvous for smart home supremacy, smart universal remotes, that allows for ultimate home automation control, will make for great gifts too!

2. The Punctual Adult

Is your dad always on the run for meetings, deadlines, with frantic alarms jumpstarting him from one project to another? Look no further than Near’s smart LED lighting solutions and the Near App. When incorporated into a smart home automation system, he will be to create schedules throughout the day. Automating smart lights to switch off at night so that he gets a good night’s rest, or to turn on in accordance to his morning routine, these smart home products available in Singapore will take a load off your dad’s shoulders.

3. The Movie Buff

Every movie buff understands the importance of lighting in setting the mood when watching a movie. If your dad is a movie buff, he is bound to appreciate the technology behind a smart home lighting system and customised lighting. Get a few Near Smart Strip Kits, stick them to the back of his TV, and choose from 16 million coloured lights that will complement any movie that is on screen. 

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4. The Family Man

The Family Man

If your dad or spouse loves to get down with his kids or grandchildren, why not get him a gift that he could use with the little ones? From Cameras to capture memories to Smart TVs, smart LED lighting just might be the best solution to creating stronger bonds. Help your dad build a fortress and customise lighting according to a story he loves to tell the kids – this would also make a great opportunity for the kids to surprise dad too!

5. The Wise Owl

Do tall shelves filled with books excite your dad? Take things back to the basics with your Father’s Day gift. Proper lighting plays an essential role in eye health, especially when reading. Install Near Smart Bulbs that emits bright light and prevents eye strain – simply replace the bulbs in his E27-based table lamps before he gets home from work.

6. The New Dad

The joys of being a new dad – late-night feeding and diaper changing sessions are part and parcel of having a new-born. To help make daddy duties easier, why not install smart spotlights directly above the nappy changing area, or the motion-sensitive Near Nightlight, that will make moving to and from the nursery more convenient?

7. The Insta Hipster

The Insta Hipster

Ever heard friends and family saying how ‘woke’ your dad or spouse is? If the answer is yes, he just might be into social media like the younger, Generation Z. To help your dad get the perfect Insta-worthy shot this Father’s Day, how about you gift him with the best smart LED lighting solution? Control any of the Near lightings with the smart home voice control feature and capture a sleek Boomerang or timed shot. Up your dad’s photo game with feature lights, like the Near Orbit, and have him wave goodbye to tacky filters. 

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