Have Full Control of Your Smart Home with Near

Have Full Control of Your Smart Home with Near

Now more than ever, people are looking for personalisation and customisation when it comes to the products that they purchase. From cars to even mobile phone plans, service providers are giving the customers the ability to switch things up and make it more personal – by choosing their own car seat upholstery to signing up for mobile add-ons, the list is endless. When it comes to designing one’s own home, from the very beginning, homeowners are given the reigns to decorate it the way they’ve always wanted to. So, one would assume that the freedom to control aspects of what happens within the confines of their abode couldn’t get any better. Well, you thought wrong!

I’m In Control Now!

Although there is a possibility that things might have gone unnoticed, there has been a change in the way we can ‘control’ our home. Because of technological advancements, a new-comer called smart technology has been taking autonomy to new heights. Sure, you had full control of when to switch on and off your lights, but with smart home automation systems, you can now automate almost everything! You can control how your smart lights will function today, tomorrow, and weeks from now – that is some next-level stuff if you ask us.

How the Near App Gives Ups Your Level of Autonomy

Is your home decked out with Near gadgets? Maybe you have other electronic appliances like air-conditioners and fans too. Well, guess what? The Near app can even control those! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – when it comes to designing a smart home automation system, Near is the app for that! If you’ve used the previous version of the Near app, we’ve revamped it, and the Near app 3.0 is now back better than ever. Available on the Apple app store and Google Play store, let’s see what this upgrade has to offer.

1. New lighting control panel

Spotting a new look, the Near app now is all about convenience and comfort. With an in-built colour wheel, you’ll have greater user experience. Visualise the colour in your living space and make use of the quick tap function that allows you to easily select commonly used lighting colours.

2. Power-on behaviour

Remember how we were talking about autonomy? Decide how your smart lights behave after a power outage. From remembering prior light statuses to activating your customised settings, this power-on behaviour will save you loads of time trying to reconfigure your smart home lighting to how it was previously.

3. New routines

Thought automating your lighting was cool enough? The Near app 3.0 has 2 new built-in features – waking up and bed-time. You can choose the days and the timing you would like your smart lights to fade in or out so that the transition is more gentle. 

4. For all your ups and downs

Do you have a music playlist for every activity that you typically partake in? One for work, one when chilling, or a calming playlist while mugging for your final exams? In similar way, you can build a “playlist” of light settings to accompany the task you have at hand. The new Mood function gives you the freedom to access and customise light settings and pair them up with photos for an intuitive navigation – talk about a Spotify just for lights.

5. View all your Near smart devices at a glance

Staying true to the original functions of the Near app, you’ll still be able to view and manage all your Near smart devices. Say goodbye to downloading multiple apps to control each device. Near is your one-stop app that allows you to access and control all the gadgets on one platform.

6. Add more homes and members

Near Smart Downlight | Home Automation

How does controlling smart lights from and in another location sound? If you own more than one property, the Near app allows you to add or remove properties and give more members access to the rooms. You can also make things more secure by only giving a limited number of people access and control. Just like those cool advertisements that show people switching on their air-conditioners before their reach their homes, you’ll be able to do that for multiple locations.  

7. Create a smart home straight from the Near App

From your air-conditioner to the colour you’d like your LED strip lights to emit, decide when you’d like them to turn on and off with a few simple clicks.

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