Home of the Future: Smart Homes

Home of the Future: Smart Homes

Ever wondered what it was about smart tech that has masses going cahoots? Think of the times when hundreds would join the never-ending lines outside of the Apple store just to get their hands on the latest iPhone. Or the first time a high-tech digital door caught your attention when watching a K-drama. From smart speakers like Google Home to the smartphones we own, the dream of building a Tony Stark worthy automated smart home seems more realistic than ever before! Yet, one question remains unanswered by many homeowners: Do I even need to own a smart home?


Back to the Future: Light Things Up!

As mentioned, many smart home gadgets are available in Singapore. But no matter how useful a fingerprint door lock might look, there is no denying that your basic lock and keys do the job perfectly well. Seemingly futuristic, these fancy smart home products may seem appealing to some, but their practicality remains undefeated by smart lights. Everyone knows how frustrating it is when we’ve gotten all cosy in bed only to realise that the lights are still on or remembering that the we’ve left the lights on hours after leaving the house. Imagine how convenient smart LED lighting solutions would be in these situations?

“Hey, Google! Turn all the lights off!”


Smart LED Lights to Screw: It is a Breakthrough

The thought of designing a smart home that is a vision of the future may seem daunting to many. Just like every other renovation project or attempt at revamping your home, time and effort will have to be invested. But here’s the catch, if you know how to screw in a light bulb and download apps onto your phone, you’re set on your journey to building a smart home in Singapore.


Embrace the Future with Near: Smart Lighting

In recent years, smart lights have taken the world by storm, and it looks like there is no stopping it from creeping into our lives. Increasing convenience and functionality, smart lights are a smart choice to light up your home space. Convenient and affordable, it is the main go-to amongst homeowners in Singapore – you can easily install smart LED lights in your home with Near.


Taking on the plug-and-play approach, Near lights are reliable and flexible products to integrate into your home so that you can kick-start your journey to smartness – build a smart home that is. Worried about how smart lighting will affect the aesthetic of your home? Fret not! Clean, simple, and aesthetically versatile, all near products will adapt to your existing interior design and work to elevate the look of your home.

Home Design of the Future: Trick Out with Smartness

 smart led lights

Modern, bold, and larger than life – those are the words that come to mind when visualising future home designs. Not sure what the home of the future will look like? Take the typical homes that are trending on Instagram – a highly designed work of bespoke architecture – and fuse it with efficiency and convenience. Here are some cool ideas:


1. Spook Them Out!

Imagine a haunted house that was brightly lit – impossible! Those flickering lights and eerie sounds go hand in hand. This Halloween, why not hook up some smart lighting in your home and scare the pants off your friends and family when you host them? Customise your lighting theme on the Near app and choose from over 16 million colours.


2. Happy Hour

The holiday season is also around the corner. Revamp your bar area with the Near Smart Strip Kit, like our happy customer here. Put your favourite drinks on display and draw attention to your premium collection. 


3. Gamer’s Paradise  

2020 has been the year of esports. With the increase in gaming activities and tournaments in Singapore and all around the world, level up your gaming setup with smart LED lighting solutions. 

Have your own unique lighting ideas in mind? Get in touch with Near, and our experts will work their magic and offer the right lighting solutions to pull off the futuristic interior design that you would like to achieve.

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