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Level Up Your Gaming Setup with These Lighting Ideas

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In recent years, gaming enthusiasts have been turning to RGB lighting kits to create their ideal battle station. These colour-capable LED light strips have been all the craze, providing gamers an opportunity to add some personality to their setup and a unique ambience to the room. When paired with the best gaming gear and ultrawide monitors, these LED lights make the gaming experience more immersive.

Why settle for RGB light strips when Near has LED smart lights fit for any gaming setup? When we hear about smart lighting in Singapore, images of automated lighting that turn on with command or an extensive library of lighting recipes on a smart lighting app that alters light wavelengths come to mind. Not limited to the standard functionality of merely illuminating indoor spaces, smart lighting can be used tactfully to spice up your gaming setup! In this article, we cover the best gaming setup you can build with Near smart lighting technology.

Types of Smart LED Lights for Gaming Setups

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When customising your gaming room, it is essential to consider the types of smart lighting available in Singapore that will aid in the creation of the most aesthetically pleasing PC gaming setup. Using any combination of smart lighting from smart light bulbs to smart LED light strips, will bring an unexpected pop of colour to the space without much redecoration – you will not even have to paint your walls to have it fit your ideal interior colour scheme.

After installing Near lighting in different areas of the room, create a new room on your Near app. In your newly established gaming room, up the ante by creating a colourful theme across your whole gaming setup on the app. Customise your lighting from the 16 million colours, create a group for the similar lighting types, and voila! You will have a smart lighting control system that changes in-sync with one another.

Surrounding Smart Lighting for an Immersive Experience

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For a genuinely immersive experience, add diversity to your gaming ecosystem by installing smart lighting in strategic areas. Smart LED strip lights are a great option to have installed at the back of your desk or monitor. The Smart LED strip light extensions can also be added to trims along your walls for a luminescent glow in the background. Near light bulbs can be used with any E27-based table lamp that adds a nice touch when placed at the sides of your PC or when placed in a creative spot.

Neat trick: Use the Near app to schedule your smart lighting to turn on and off or change colours according to your playing schedule or streaming sessions!

Bias Lighting and its Benefits 

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Seen in many home theatre setups, bias lighting that are in sync with a TV show or movie has gone mainstream. These bias lights can also be added behind your computer screen! Though the Near Smart Strip Kit may look ordinary, it is designed to suit most gaming monitors and display a range of colours that set the perfect mood.

Bias lighting also creates a high contrast viewing that reduces glare, and in turn, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Placing lights behind your monitor screen increases the level of light in your viewing area and the room. Paralleled to what is known as the simultaneous contrast illusion, installing such lighting increases the contrast between the onscreen image with the rest of the room. This contrast not only saves your eyes from fatigue but also makes the image on the screen look better, providing you with a more immersive experience.

Hands-Off Experience

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To remove any form of distraction while in the midst of an immense game, try setting up a smart home with voice control features. By linking Near products to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you will be able to activate the voice control features. You will no longer have to worry about putting your game on pause, as controlling the lighting while you play will now be possible!

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