Parenting and Smart LED Lights

Parenting and Smart LED Lights

Who would have thought that parenting and lighting could ever be directly correlated with one another? With the digitalisation of homes and campuses sweeping the nation, smart lighting has become a key pillar of every “smart space” in Singapore. Digital transformation has been pushing boundaries in these spaces through the implementation of devices that deliver efficiency. In schools, it is being used to boost teaching and learning objectives – hence, the rise of smart education. With home-based learning now becoming a norm, adaptive lifestyle changes, parenting, and online learning are fellows of the roundtable. Smart education at home is the new normal, and we cover how smart lighting acts as a tool parents in Singapore can utilise to ease parenting, foster independence, and boost learning performance.

Parent and Child Activity  

When it comes to designing a child’s room, there needs to be a balance between aesthetics and practicality. To address your practical concerns and cater to your child’s favourite activity to partake in at home, two types of lighting will come in handy: ceiling lights LED and table lamps.

1. Ceiling lights

Able to provide even illumination throughout the space, ceiling lights are a perfect lighting solution to brighten an entire room. Up the ante of this practical choice with Near smart ceiling lights. This will allow you to change the hue and shade of light to suit the needs and tasks at hand. Reading a bedtime story to your child? Whip out your Near app and customise your smart ceiling lights to a warmer tone to complement the cosy mood, switch it up with different colours to change the atmosphere, or choose from the range of white light such as the GU10 bulb for optimised lighting when your child is studying.

2. Desk Lights or Table Lamps

Desk Lights or Table Lamps

A desk light will aid in illuminating the area directly where your child is seated. Did you know that low illuminance is correlated to slow reading and lack of concentration? Install the Near Smart bulb that is adjustable with the Near app. Use it with any E27-based table lamp commonly used in households, and purchasable in stores in Singapore. 

Not sure how to install smart bulbs? Watch our tutorial here.

Study Room Lighting

The quality and quantity of light have a critical impact on a child’s learning outcome. It is thus common to see classrooms brightly lit with both natural and artificial lighting. Enhancing the learning environment at home is especially important now, given the home-based learning practices that are in place. Managing a child’s screen time during and after online learning, ensuring sufficiently lit spaces to inspire concentration, productivity, and focus are all part and parcel of a parent’s life today. To ease such responsibilities, try smart LED lights that boost alertness. Smart LED lights also minimise shadows, thus improving visual performance as your child will not have to strain his or her eyes. As such, more cognitive space will be allocated in processing, evaluating, and remembering information.

Fun fact: A study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group demonstrated that children scored 18% higher in tests in the presence of high natural light. 

When at a loss for studying room light choices, install smart ceiling LED lights that mimic natural lighting, and the same results can be reproduced in the comforts of your own home!

How to End Helicopter Parenting

Every parent would want their child to remain safe and happy. This, however, has led to the prevalence of helicopter parenting. From arranging and managing schedules to shadowing children to protect them, helicopter parenting inhibits one from being able to raise independent children. Install smart lighting in and around your child’s room to foster independence and slowly put a stop to helicopter parenting and encourage smart parenting in your household.

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