Smart Choice to Light Up Your Home Office

Smart Choice to Light Up Your Home Office

Several people are now addressing, attempting to be a part of, and even embracing the new normal. Figuring out innovative ways of applying work from home practices to better settle into this newfound normality has become part and parcel of our daily lives in Singapore. Whether it be setting up a scene that looks good during zoom meetings with colleagues, making space for a work area that allows you to find a momentum when checking off your to-do list, or simply finding a rhythm amidst all the changes, in this article, we walk you through the various ways in which smart home lighting can complete your home office transformation.

The Importance of Light and Starting the Day Right

The Importance of Light and Starting the Day Right

Near Smart LED Strip Home Lighting

Light plays an integral role in our daily lives, albeit something we do not consciously think about. Studies have shown the effects of light on the human brain – natural light that is of a shorter wavelength halts the release of melatonin, stimulating us to get active.

Work from home can make hitting the snooze button awfully tempting. Therefore, to ensure you start your day right, and have ample time before spearheading your way through work in your home office, create a morning routine in the Near app. Automate your smart lights to turn on at a specific time in the morning and you will have yourself a personal wake up call. The benefit of doing so? Invigorate and stimulate your mind as you wake in a biologically appeasing way – say goodbye to the brassy nagging of your alarm clock that gnaws at your motivation from the get-go!

Smart LED Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are a common fixture in most homes in Singapore and all around the world. However, many of these are fluorescent lighting that is omnidirectional. This means that light will not illuminate the desired area without active redirection. Neuroscientists from Michigan State University revealed in their study that spending long hours in a dimly lit room can have a negative effect on our memory, ability to perform spatial tasks, and learning ability. This is where smart LED ceiling lights come in. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), when coupled with Wi-Fi technology, can be wirelessly controlled to brighten the workstation and dimmed when resting, resulting in enhanced eye comfort, and savings in your utility bill.

Customise Smart Lighting

Customise Smart Lighting

Smart Home Lighting - The Near Orbit

Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers deduced that exposure to blue-white light during the day improves alertness and productivity. Since visible blue light is abundant in natural sunlight, bring the outdoors into your home office by mimicking the blue-white or cool daylight. Go for a higher colour temperature that is 5000K (aka “daylight”) or more to improve alertness, mood, and productivity. Feeling a little jazzy? Customise your smart home lighting in the Near app and illuminate your room up with one of the 16 million colours available.

Claim Your Space

Ever heard of the Hawthorne Effect? Conducted decades back, this study has influenced the holistic approach when it comes to designing a workspace to this day. The key finding of the 15 yearlong study? – that emphasising on the overall environment and paying attention to your needs will improve productivity and well-being. Simply adding a touch of individuality can make a world of difference to your mood. Since it is your home office, not only do you have autonomy over the full design scheme of the space, you also have the freedom to customise it to suit your needs for any given day. Since painting walls a new colour or redecorating a space on the daily may not be feasible, set up a space where you can DIY home office designs while working with the Near Orbit LED table lamp. With 7 built-in lighting settings, add a pop of colour that will brighten your day and personalise your workspace – It is sure to bring some liveliness if you are looking to highlight the space together with your smart ceiling lights.

Muscle up on your technological infrastructure at home with smart lighting, such as smart ceiling lights that have slowly been gaining popularity in Singapore. So how does smart home lighting work in boosting productivity? Browse through our online store in Singapore and experience the benefits for yourselves.

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