Smart Home Automation and Security Systems

Smart Home Automation and Security Systems

We are now living in the golden age of technological development, and our daily routines are intertwined with these advancements. With the evolution of the digital market, the dawn of smart technology and devices, home automation systems are no exception. Promising a futuristic experience, smart home automation has adapted to incorporate home security systems. Expected to be worth $3.2 billion globally by 2026, the home automation and security systems market is constantly peaking. In 2020, the connected home alarm system overtook traditional alarm services, and a surge of smart devices was introduced to complement most home security systems.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation Systems

In general, the smart home automation system technology stands above other automated systems. In addition to possessing the fundamentals such as reducing manual labour, and increasing efficiency, the home automation system technology gives owners of smart homes some form of control over the system from any location.

In terms of smart home security, smart technology that leverages on Artificial Intelligence caters and adapts to varied lifestyle needs. When first establishing a smart home security system, many start with cameras, and slowly build upon the set foundation with other smart devices such as home doorbells or security locks. Whichever smart home security solution homeowners in Singapore decide to incorporate, benefits of a smart home control system include:  

  • Increased Protection

With the development of new security threats, innovative security solutions have also paved the way for robust smart home security systems.

  • Proactive vs Reactive

The standard security system reacts to threats, only alerting homeowners after an infiltration. Smart home security technology available in Singapore, on the other hand, proactively signals potential threats, providing homeowners an opportunity to pre-empt a break-in attempt.

  • Constant Ability to Monitor

If a smart home security system with cameras is established, homeowners can always observe happenings around the property. Smart connected devices also allow homeowners to control smart technology from any location, and on most smart devices.

Smart Home Security Solution: Smart Home Lighting

smart home control system app

Many might not consider lights as a security solution. However, smart lighting combines enhanced security with convenience. Some studies have shown that crime rates reduced in well-lit streets – the same results could be seen if similar tactics were applied to homes. Since smart lights can be used to mimic human activity, in turn deterring security crimes, Near smart lights and products can do the same.

Near Smart Home Lighting Solution: Strategic Manipulation

Although security lights reduce crime rates on the streets, it is crucial to note that at home, security lighting is only effective if used strategically. Leaving lights on the whole day could attract attention for the wrong reasons. Manipulating lights to mimic human activity, by scheduling them to turn on and off, is thus the best solution. The Near App makes this possible by allowing users to schedule lights and other devices from any location. Repeated settings in terms of actions, devices, and timing can be set for specific days of the week. Switch up the lighting schedule daily, or have them set for the entire week, and deter intruders.

Near Smart Home Lighting Solution: Remote Control

A major plus point of smart home security systems is that even when away from home, connectivity remains reliable and resilient. For example, although Near smart light devices only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks, consumers can use other available cellular networks to control the devices from any location outside of the home. This increases home security, especially if homeowners plan on staying away from their homes for long periods.

Near Smart Home Lighting Solution: Shock Factor

 smart home security

As mentioned, the lack of lighting control implies that no one is home. In this sense, automated lighting also increases home safety and security when a surge of “movement” can be activated. On the Near App, a trigger scene can be saved – to add to this, Near smart lighting can be customised to emit over 16 million colours. The trigger scene enables users to activate multiple devices and settings in one click. When the app is in-sync with smart devices such as virtual assistants, air-conditioners, and more, they can be turned on all at once. This sudden surge of “activity” further deters homes from being susceptible to crimes.

Looking for smart home lighting solutions for your home in Singapore? Contact us at for more information on our end-to-end services and how our range of smart lighting can aid in enhancing your home security.

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