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Smart Home Automation System: Near is the App for That!

Smart Home Automation System: Near is the App for That!

Today, there is a smart app for everything – we mean EVERYTHING! From tracking the calories you consume to the arrival time of buses, it is no wonder why Apple trademarked the slogan “There’s an app for that.”

Smart Homes & Smart Apps?

Yes, you heard that right. Though it might seem a little odd, there are indeed smart apps that help with smart home functions. We all know that there has been a recent increase in dependence on smart home automation systems in Singapore and globally. Why? Because it not only offers convenience but also provides security, all while giving you a glimpse into the future of homes.

Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

building a smart home

Building a Smart Home | Partners with Lin ID Works

Never thought you’d be Googling how to connect smart lights to Alexa and making voice commands as you waltz through your high-tech home? Well, the future is here, and smart homes are here to stay. It turns your house into one that’s straight out of a Marvel movie and allows you to control it easily – what is not to love? 

Smart Lighting: The Ultimate Beginner’s Choice

We admit it, we’ve said this time and time again, but here’s the thing – there is no denying that smart lighting is an obvious place to start when looking to smarten up a home. At Near, our smart lights were designed with a plug-and-play approach in mind. Easy to manage, flexible, offering maximum security and remote-control functions, and increased energy efficiency, they offer all that and more.

Near You: Our Story

Realising that smart lights and other smart products are not just a hype, Near began its journey to provide Singaporeans with end-to-end services making mindfulness and lighting synonymous with each other. Locally grown and armed with ambitions to go global, our story is ever evolving like the smart home industry.

Tell Me Why: What’s So Special?

As with almost all other smart home automation solutions available in Singapore, smart lighting offers versatility. An easy switch to make, there is no need for a complete revamp of your home. Utilising the free Near smart app available on Google Play and Apple’s app store, your smartphone becomes a travelling remote control.

 control your aircon with near

Control Your Aircon with Near | Facebook

Near has a spectrum of phone-controllable lighting functions that include colour ambiance, white ambience, and natural white light. All of these can be controlled with a single app – build scenes, routines, and schedules that fit your needs. You can build a smart home from scratch with our universal controller and appliances like your aircon! You can even save on electricity bills while you’re at it.

I’m Lost: When & Where 

travel with your smart app

Travel with Your Smart App | Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

Not sure when and where the Near app will come to the rescue? Anywhere also can! Usable at any location and time, you can set sleep routines and light schedules day and night. When away from home, tap on your mobile data for efficient remote control of the lighting.

Have a loud voice? “HEY! Google! Turn the lights off!” – a dream you can achieve once you learn how to connect our smart lights to Alexa. Near products, like the smart ceiling light and smart bulbs, can also be installed in every part of the home from bedrooms to kitchens. 

Let Us Tell You How 

Say goodbye to long manuals and get your smart lighting control systems and smart home voice control hooked up in the easiest ways!

How to register an account on the Near App?: Watch our Near App Installation Guide

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How to create a schedule: Read our article

How to know you can trust Near?: See our happy customers

Have more “How?” queries? Contact us and we will aid you in having a peace of mind.



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