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Smart Home Trends of 2021 Worth Following

Smart Home Trends of 2021 Worth Following

Smart technology, smart office, smartphones, and now smart homes – everything “smart” has risen in popularity in the last few years. This is especially so for smart homes in Singapore. Once seen as an oddity or something only the rich could afford, smart homes have become more mainstream as smart home solutions become more accessible and affordable. But just because something is wallet-friendly does not mean it’s popular, right? So, why are people drawn to smart home automation? Well, for starters, it promises a lot of things. From keeping loved ones safe to getting rid of the need for you to do mundane tasks, much is brought to the table.

Technology in Your Smart Home

When one thinks of technology, one can’t help but think of computers, robots, and the internet. As much as this is true, technology has found its way into everyday household items and appliances. Offering domestic help in new and innovative ways, it comes as no surprise that products such as smart lights and smart motion sensors are no longer seen as foreign entities or alien-like.

An array of benefits

As smart home solutions and automation become more widely accepted, common myths about smart homes that were once believed by the masses are no longer taken seriously. People are well aware that most smart gadgets, like those from Near, take on a plug-and-play approach and can be easily incorporated into their homes. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to reap the benefits brought about by home automation strategies – you’ll simply have to try it out for yourself.

Getting started

But of course, we wouldn’t encourage you to go out, buy every smart tech device you set your eyes on, and install them at every corner of your home. How then do you make an informed purchase? Well, you could check out the latest trends and see what people are raving about! We cover a few of these that have popped up in 2021.

General Smart Home Trends

One key trend that we see is the increased appreciation for standardisation. Gone are the days where people are cool with owning a collection of different technologies connected over multiple apps. Homeowners are no longer a fan of the idea of having a wide variety of apps to set up their smart devices. Today, having a select few platforms that allow you to control multiple devices all at once is seen as a plus point when making a purchase decision.

Home Automation Ideas for 2021

Now that we’ve covered the one key factor that everyone is on the lookout for when attempting to transform their abode into a smart home, let’s take a look at some trends so that you can gain inspiration when planning the layout of your home.

1. Improve the quality of your life

Anything that improves your well-being is “in” this year. From gym memberships to journal writing apps, more emphasis is put on improving the quality of our lives. Hence, smart lighting which makes your life a whole lot easier is another one of the many home automation trends of 2021. Not only are they useful for families with the disabled or the young who may otherwise be unable to reach the light switch but they also elevate your home’s interior design and increase the security of your home.

2. A safe home - smart surveillance

Beyond an efficient smart home lighting system, home automation is being used in creative ways. Since there has been a global increase in the importance placed to counter security issues, homeowners are attempting to use gadgets to outsmart burglars. Beyond smart locks, motion sensors and door sensors are extremely useful in keeping your family safe, especially if they alert you immediately.

3. Manage your moods

Home automation capabilities are no longer limited to security cameras and turning your lighting on and off. Today, they are versatile and serve an array of functions. You can manage lighting scenarios on mobile phones, use voice commands to control smart devices, customise lighting scenarios, set up lighting control remotely, automate your house lighting depending on the day, weather, event, or mood, and more!

As one of the easiest ways to modernise your home, smart technology is a tool to leverage. Adding convenience to your lives and maybe even helping you save money and time in the long run, why not jump on the smart home automation bandwagon today?


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