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Smart Home Trends That are Totally Worth the Hype

Smart Home Trends That are Totally Worth the Hype

Technology has now become part and parcel of our daily lives – let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to find someone in this day and age not glued to their smartphones. But mobile devices aside, technology has also found its way into spaces where we work and play. From smart offices to homes, the convenience brought about by integrating a few smart devices is undeniable. 

An Abundance of Smart Home Devices

Not sure what smart devices are out there? Well, the list is endless, and so are the opportunities for customisation. Smart lighting control systems, voice control assistants, smart door sensors, or even smart motion sensors, you can mix-and-match them to design a smart home that delivers optimal comfort and connectivity. Now, it is a given that there are many benefits of having smart tech devices in your home. But how do you go about designing a chic and classy home without having these techy gadgets overwhelm the space? We cover five major interior trends worth noting. 

Trend #1: Home of Improved Connectivity

Rectifying the issue of connectivity and convenience, smart tech offers a centralised control and management system. Gone are the days where you need multiple controls for all the devices in your home. Universal Remotes like Wi-Fi connected smart remote are ones to look out for when building a smart home. To get the ball rolling, opt for a starter kit, like the Near Starter Kit that will deck out 2 to 3 bedrooms and your living room – better yet, installation services will be provided too!

Trend #2: Focus on Health

Smart Home Lighting

Smart Home Lighting

Given the pandemic and all, many are putting their health at the forefront of their lifestyle habits. With a range of apps launched with health in mind, smart home devices that can be paired with them to make life easier are all the rave in 2021.

Beyond physical health, mental health is also something many are focusing on! Toiling day and night to clear your heavy workload? Since sleepless nights can put a strain on your mental well-being, you can try to rectify poor sleeping habits with smart home lighting. Set reminders to take a break every now and again and automate your lights to dim just before night-time.

Trend #3: A Touchless Experience

Smart Home Voice Control

Smart Home Voice Control

Another trend that was sparked due to the pandemic, is the increased reliance on touchless technology. One example would be the TraceTogether app or token that is widely used in Singapore. To start small, consider smart gadgets like smart LED lights that can be controlled with an app or with a voice control assistant like Alexa. This way, you will not have multiple people fiddling with switches and increasing the risk of contact. Not sure how to set your smart lights up for Alexa? Watch our Near Alexa setup guide.

Trend #4: Increased Privacy Needs

With more young ones spending time at home due to home-based learning practices, parents are looking for innovative ways to increase the security of their home. However, one of the concerns people have with smart tech is the breach of privacy or data. But fret not! Advancement in technology ensures that the devices collect minimum data while offering maximum benefits. Beyond data, there is plenty of smart home automation and security systems to integrate into your home as well. One of these creative ways is to have your smart LED lights switch on when movement is detected by a smart motion sensor.  

Trend #5: Aesthetics

Smart Lighting Control Systems and the Near App

Most smart home devices prioritise functionality over aesthetics. This year, bid adieu to putting aesthetics on the backburner. Even when sticking to a minimalistic interior design, sleek devices that fit your personal style and elevate the visual appeal of your home interior should be your go-to.


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