Supporting the Aging Population with Smart Tech

Supporting the Aging Population with Smart Tech

One term that is always attached to our country is the “aging population”. With the average age of Singapore now standing at 42.2 years old, and a third of the population estimated to be over 65 years old by 2035, many, are sprinting to find solutions so that the elderly can age with grace.

Keep the Elderly Happy: Smart Home for Aging in Place

From improved healthcare services to scientific research, much has been done to support aging in place. But as the saying goes, “there is no place like home”. No matter how many changes are made to our society to cater to the elderly, their homes must be a safe and friendly space to live in. This is where smart homes and their line of benefits come into play.

Technology vs The Elderly

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Here’s the thing – although the use of technology and smart devices may come naturally to millennials, the elderly tend to stay away from it out of fear or reluctance. But when it comes to aging in place, new technology is a must. In America, over 36 million adults use voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant monthly.

So, what are some of the benefits and smart devices you can have installed if you are considering sustainable smart living and designing for the elderly in your home? Near covers them in this blog.

How the Elderly Benefit from Smart Homes

Before we dive into how living in a smart home will help with aging in place, let’s first consider the risks of older adults living alone. From not having others be aware of an emergency to boredom, there are several dangers. Though aging in place is a lifestyle choice, it is only a good thing if done strategically. With sustainability as a key consideration, smart living and designing for the aging population is THE ultimate solution. 

Here’s what living in a smart home with an automation system can do for you:

1. Monitor Status & Wellness

Did you know that one in ten people in Singapore above the age of 60 have dementia? With their memory deteriorating and cases of domestic workers neglecting the elderly, leaving them alone at home by themselves is not always the best idea.

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Installing devices such as door sensors will provide you with information on any movement in your home. The entire history will be stored for Cloud securely for up to 7 days, so you can always review it when needed. Pairing it with other devices like security cameras will give you a better glimpse of your parents’ or grandparents’ well-being and who is entering or leaving your home.    

2. Universal Design & User-Friendly

Technology is not as complicated as it seems, especially Near products. Easy to use and control, our devices, like the smart LED lights, only require a good WiFi connection at home and a smartphone. If your parents or grandparents are not familiar with smartphones, voice control devices eliminate the need for mobile use. 

Picture this: Your parent needs to use the washroom in the middle of the night. Instead of searching for a light switch in a dark room, they can command the voice assistants to switch the lights on, preventing falls and fractures.

3. Support Independent Living

A smart home automation system makes everyday life more convenient and safer for the elderly. If smart home voice controls are too expensive, a smart home lighting control system with motion-sensitive night lights will provide a brightly lit space for the elderly to move around in the dark. These functions can also be remotely controlled on the Near app when you are away at work.

Find Solutions with Near

Near is more than a mere lighting shop. We take a plug and play approach when designing our products, and instead of following trends, we think of solutions for everyday issues and problems. Our extensive catalogue of smart gadgets, like the Near Smart Motion Sensors and smart LED lights for your home, aid with problems associated with safety, security, and convenience. For more information, browse our FAQ section or submit a request

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