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The Appeal of Smart Lights

The Appeal of Smart Lights

From levelling up your gaming setup and home entertainment system to helping you build the ultimate home theatre and elevate your home interior design, integrating a smart lighting control system is always the smart choice. But what so special about having a smart home with LED lights if they serve the same function as any other lighting in the market, right? Well, you thought wrong. More than any mere lighting you can find in lighting shops, smart lights bring a lot to the table. Beyond allowing you to control your lights remotely or by using voice commands, smart home LED lights also increase security, save electricity bills, and make your life way easier.

What Exactly Do Smart Lights Offer?

Yes, sure, smart lighting brings with it many benefits. But how exactly will it change your life for the better? Here’s a summary of some of the many ways it can have a positive influence on your life:

  • The convenience of controlling them using an app in your smartphone – say goodbye pausing your favourite movies just to adjust your light switch
  • Collaboration or working in sync with other smart appliances so that you can control multiple devices at once such as the GU10 bulb
  • Stumbling in the dark will be a thing of the past since smart lighting can be automated to switch on when it senses motion
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Manipulate the LED light for ceiling when you are not at home to deter burglars and robbers

Ways to Control Your Smart Lighting

If we were to boil things down to the basics of smart lighting, it becomes quite clear that one of the main reasons smart lights are said to be convenient lies in the fact that they can be controlled in various ways. Through touchless methods, or not, the ability to switch your smart lights on and off at your own will wherever and whenever you please is one of, if not the most innovative features. Here are some ways you’ll be able to control your Near smart lighting:

1.Traditional switch

It is always said that “old is gold”. Whether you’re all for sticking to traditions or analog methods of controlling gadgets, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll still have manual control over your smart lighting. You can still have traditional switches installed to control your lights from there if that’s what you like.

2. Smartphone

Probably the most popular way of controlling the lighting in a smart home, homeowners revel in the convenience of using their smartphone apps as a remote. A convenient method of control, it also gives you a broad selection of lighting “types” and hues to choose from. The Near app, for example, gives homeowners over 16 million colours to choose from – talk about lighting beyond imagination!

3. Voice activation

Without lifting a finger, you can now dim or turn off your lights. Many smart lights are designed to collaborate with Alexa or Amazon’s echo. By pairing these devices together, you can create a smart home control system by grouping lights together so that you can turn on specific lights by commanding your voice control assistants. Not sure how to connect smart lights to Alexa? Watch our Near Alexa setup guide.

Creative Ways to Use Smart Lighting 

So, you’ve decided that you do indeed want a smart lighting control system in your home. How can you use these lights to add value to your life?

  • Know who is entering your house

You can create a range of signal alerts by pairing your smart lights with motion or door sensors to alert you of any movement. If your lights turn on randomly, you’ll know that someone is strolling around your house unannounced.

  • Take a break

With remote work getting more popular, sitting in front of the screen for extended periods can do damage to your eyes. Schedule your smart lighting to dim or turn off, prompting you that it’s time to take a break.

  • Decorate your walls

The smart LED strip lights from Near allow you to choose from the 16 million colours available. Take advantage of the wide colour palette to add life to your home interior.

  • Put your furniture pieces on display

Spent a huge sum on a luxury piece of furniture? Use smart LED strip lights or smart light bulbs to create a striking effect and make a real statement.

  • Encourage better sleeping habits

Teach kids healthy sleep habits by using lighting as a visual indicator that it is time for bed. Get creative with your lighting colour choices to encourage soothing energies or get your kids amped up for the day.


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