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The Latest Lighting Trends That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

The Latest Lighting Trends That Will Elevate Your Interior Design

From your choice of flooring to the colour of your walls, many aspects of your home interior play a role in making it an aesthetically pleasing one. Of all the different elements you have to take into consideration when renovating a home, there is no denying that LED lighting for ceiling plays a huge role in enhancing the mood and ambiance of your living space. When used correctly, lighting becomes more than a mere decorative feature. But, like every other feature of interior design, lighting trends are constantly changing. One moment, eye-catching chandeliers are in trend, and the next, a simple industrial-inspired light is all the rave. If you’re looking to switch up the lighting in your home, we guide you through the latest lighting trends that have taken Singapore by storm.

Latest Lighting Trend #1: Chic Office Lights

Though restrictions have eased, many are still working from home due to the pandemic. We’ve all seen the photos of hundreds queuing up outside of IKEA stores go viral. Many agreed that this was due to the pressure employees felt of having their home interior look good during video calls with co-workers. Whether this was what spurred homeowners to relook their home environment or the basic need to have an efficient workspace, anything that creates a carefully crafted office space is the top choice of 2021.

Practical yet transformative LED lights

smart LED lighting solution

As we transition to a new normal, you should invest in practical lighting solutions that improve your work environment. When adding layers of illumination, integrating lights that complement the aesthetic of your desk design will not only lift your spirit but also manipulate your home’s atmosphere to boost productivity. Table lamps like the Near Orbit smart LED light offers maximum flexibility with 7 built-in lighting settings that can be dimmed or brightened to set the right mood for work.

Latest Lighting Trend #2: Minimalistic Lights

Still a common interior trend followed by homeowners and renowned designers, it comes as no surprise that minimalism has recently been translated into lighting fixtures as well. Focusing on functionality, lighting systems that merge with the architecture of your home make a subtle statement by being an understated design component. Versatile and classic, minimalistic lighting fixtures, like spotlights, will complement any design scheme.

Make a statement

smart LED strip lights


Have art pieces in your home that you’d like to put on display? Or looking for efficient ways to eliminate having multiple lights installed? Smart track lights and smart LED strip lights can practically be used in any area to suit your tastes. Making a bold statement with its simplicity, strip and track lights are also a nod to rustic interior design, but in a more refined manner. Soft coloured walls will also pair well with these lights as they will reflect the elegance of the home’s contemporary design.

Latest Lighting Trend #3: Smart Home Lighting

smart home lighting

Modern decoration that is simpler, sleeker, and better in terms of functions and capabilities are now trending. With the increasing appeal of smart homes, it only makes sense that smart home lighting is gaining popularity. From smart light bulbs that can be connected to your home WiFi system for easy control to smart LED light strips that attach to the back of your TV sets for the best home TV setup, the integration of a smart lighting control system is a bandwagon you will want to hop on.

Bring the outdoors in

Yes, it is a given that smart home LED lights are the smart choice to light up your home office and up your home entertainment game. But beyond that, given the pandemic, smart lighting also allows homeowners to bring the outdoors in. The sophisticated range of Near lighting can mimic natural light, and its settings can also be changed to replicate different colours and intensities throughout the day – talk about taking multi-functionality to the next level!


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