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True or False? Myths about Smart Homes

True or False? Myths about Smart Homes

Smart homes are said to be the homes of the future. High-tech, cool, and futuristic, they seem to come straight out of a movie. Though there are many known benefits of building a smart home, from improved security to setting up an epic gaming station, many are still apprehensive about using smart home automation systems. There must be reasons why every home in Singapore is not a smart home, right?

A Balancing Act

Not to get all science-y here but, Newton’s third law states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, if we followed this principle: if there are so many good things about smart home technology, there must be some bad sides to it. 

But here’s the catch about smart tech: with the fast advancement and progression of tech-related stuff, before you can point out a flaw in a smart gadget, there will be a new product in the market that is ten times better, faster, and safer.

If there are reasons why someone is repulsed by the idea of smart home automation systems, it is probably because they have been influenced by common myths flying around about the smart-tech industry. In this blog, we aim to bust those myths and give you the hard facts about smart homes.

Myth #1: It Is Expensive  

Oh! The age-old myth that anything “smart” must come at a cost. True, a typical smartphone might cost a bomb, but not all smart home gadgets have a huge price tag. It comes down to personal preference and what you are looking to purchase.

For one, a hyped-up or trending product may put a hole in your wallet. But then again, with the rise of smart tech and advancement in technology, smart devices can be found at affordable prices. A smart door sensor can cost you under SGD20, and its accompanying automation app will cost you nothing!

Myth #2: I Need to be Tech-Savvy

smart home lighting control system with Near.png

Smart home lighting control system with Near

Forget about the long instruction manuals that come with any electronic device and complicated wiring setups. Most smart gadgets are easy to control – with a wide range of control options, you can easily find one that fits your tech knowledge and lifestyle needs. Still not confident enough?

Smart lighting and home automation brands like Near, own a YouTube channel that has tutorials on everything from how to install the Near App to grouping multiple devices together. Know how to use a smartphone? You’re all set!

Myth #3: I Must Live in a Large Home

We’ve all seen those crazy sci-fi movies – or marvel ones – where the protagonist lives in a massive home equipped with the coolest technology. Think Ironman. 

Well, here’s a little reminder: It is a movie. In real life, smart technology is made for every home of every size. You don’t need to live in a mansion or redo your entire house to fit a smart home control system.

Myth #4: Safety will be Compromised

With hacking incidents and things such as cybersecurity constantly being talked about, it is understandable that some would think that smart homes can be easily hacked into. But, we’re here to tell you that if your home WiFi system is secure, security will never be a problem. As a matter of fact, home security can be increased with smart devices!

Myth #5: Only Well-Known Brands are Reliable 

smart home control system with Near.png

Smart home control system with Near

Yes, of course, Google and Amazon are the BIG GUYS that enable functions, such as smart home voice control when linked to other products. These tech moguls aside, several well-known brands are selling smart lights and more. Though these major brands do offer products with multiple features, they are extremely pricey.

Offering just as many features and compatible functions, significant players, such as Near, create smart products that are catered to local demands. Meeting your needs on safety markers, warranties, delivery services, and affordability, local brands, like us, are just as reliable – if not more. 


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