Window to Another Dimension: Best Home TV Setup

Window to Another Dimension: Best Home TV Setup

Setting the right mood in your entertainment area is key to an immersive experience. With companies designing TVs with screens as massive as 292 inches wide, many would assume that the size of their TV screen is all that matters. Well, that cannot be further from the truth. With various innovative and smart ways to up your home entertainment game, an immersive experience is only a few changes away.

What sort of changes are we talking about? Lighting, of course! It is about time homeowners understood how it affects their TV setups.

The Importance of Lighting

Ever wondered why cinema theatres are always pitch black with only some lighting behind or by the sides of the screen? Like how the lighting in a scene intensifies specific emotions, the way you set up your lights at home – where you place it, the colour it emits, the intensity and strength, and the variations – will affect the quality of the show you are watching and your mood.

Mastering the Art of Altering Moods with Lighting

We all know how comforting it is to crash onto our sofas and turn on our favourite shows after a long day at work. Since different qualities of light are associated with varying moods and psychology, experimenting with it will have a bigger impact than simply turning on your main lights and TV.

For example, low and warm lights not only add mystery to the space but also signals that you are no longer at your workplace dominated by higher blue content light.

Since backlighting in your gaming setup is one of the popular lighting solutions in the gaming community today, what can you do for your home TV setup?

Tunable White & Customisable Lighting

home tv setup

Home TV Setup by Near

An innovative technology that allows users to change the colour temperatures of their light in real-time, customisable, colour-changing lights are all the rave. From warmer, lower colour temperatures to cooler higher temperatures, this new technology allows you to adjust the lighting style 24/7.

Appeal of this new technology

Looking to envelope your entertainment space in a comfy vibe? Or are you about to watch an intense documentary and lights that improve concentration might help set the right mood? Customisable technology can do all that and more! With a wide range of colour temperatures appropriate for most facilities, promoting well-being through personalised lighting is made easy.

Additional Benefits of a Full Suite of Lighting Controls

Lighting that emits a full-colour spectrum can be altered and experimented with – dim-to-warm, tunable-white, a range of colours and saturations. Besides changing your light fixtures to alter moods, what happens if, like in the theatres, you put these lights behind your TV screens or by its side?:

  • Increases ambient lighting in the room
  • Does not cause reflection on your TV screens
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Unlike lights installed in the room, it enhances contrast and screen colours rather than wash them out or compromise image quality

Up the ante with Near products 

home tv setup with smart led light

Home TV Setup by Near

Armed with the Near app, almost anything is possible!

Dramatic flair: You can alter the colours of our lights to add drama to the space and have it complement the scenes on the screen.

Flexibility: Change scene setting on the Near app when watching specific shows at different times of the day.

Go hands-free: Make full use of your smart lighting control systems to get a fully immersive experience with smart home voice control activation! Say goodbye to constant pausing to switch lights on and off. 

Not sure how to set things up? 

Here’s a neat trick! Stock up on a couple of Near’s smart LED strip lights and hook them up to the back of your TV or TV consoles to make a bold design statement. If smart light strips aren’t your thing, our smart light bulbs installed into a lampshade, placed near your TV works just as well.

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