World Book Day: The Importance of Reading Lights

World Book Day: The Importance of Reading Lights

Have you always been an avid reader? One who just can’t put a good book down as it sends your mind wild with the most vivid imaginations? Whether reading has always been a hobby of yours or you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to read more, you’ll be glad to know that World Book Day is just around the corner! Created by UNESCO on the 23rd of April 1995, World Book Day is a global celebration of all things book related. Once used to encourage little kids to experience the pleasures of reading, today it is widely celebrated just so people all over the world can share their joys of having their heads buried in a book.

A Whole New World

Reading can take you places. From bringing you on an imaginary journey to positively influencing a kid’s future, reading for just 10 minutes a day can do a lot! And so can the LED light for ceiling you’re reading and studying under. Often forgotten, many people spend hours on end under various lighting reading a book or using their phones, oblivious to the fact that inappropriate lighting can lead to adverse effects. Yes, you read that right – adverse effects. By now, you might have heard that some lighting are better for your eyes while others just don’t fit the bill. So, what are some of the dangers associated with improper lighting?

  1. Biological effects

Beyond the fact that our environmental conditions can influence the risks of myopia, lighting also has biological effects. Though not tangible or immediately linked to lighting, there have been studies that demonstrate how poor lighting can contribute to depression, affect concentration, appetite, memory, and mood.

  1. Lower learning efficiency

Dim light is also said to lower the brain’s ability to concentrate, process data and retain information. Spending too much time under dim lighting can even alter your brain structure! Lighting that is too bright will also reflect off the pages, disrupting your ability to focus, and even potentially harming your eyes.

Benefits of good lighting

This might be a given, but good lighting with our GU10 bulbs will prevent the above-mentioned issues. For one, choosing the right lighting will reduce eye strains. Secondly, it will provide a calm learning environment that will make your learning or reading sessions more efficient and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reading Lights

Since it has been made clear that lighting plays a pivotal role in our total reading experience as well as eye health, how then do you go about finding the right lighting solution? From smart LED lights such as GU10 bulbs to simple table lamps, here are a few guiding questions that will help you make an informed purchase.

  1. What should the colour temperature of your reading light be?

This depends on the colour temperature. In general, a bulb that is brighter, with a cooler white or natural daylight range is the best option.

Consider colour temperatures between 4000K and 6500K

  1. Which light is best for reading?

Lights that can be dimmed and have their colour temperatures adjusted are very useful to readers. You can thus choose the correct colour temperature depending on the environment, and have it catered to your needs accordingly. The Near Ultra-Slim tunable white smart ceiling light and tunable white smart LED lightbulbs are great choices.

  1. Is LED lighting good for reading?

Yes. Since they are a directional light source, LED lights make smart reading lights. Be sure to take note of the book and lighting placement – ensure your books are about 14 to 18 inches away from your direct line of sight and the lights are placed in a direction that does not cast shadows across the reading material. One great solution is the Near Tunable White Smart Bulb that is 900 lumens bright and has a tunable white colour temperature of up to 6500K. Compatible with most IKEA reading lamps, reading will no longer put a strain on your eyes.

Looking for more lighting solutions to integrate into your smart home lighting system? Look no further than Near! More than a mere lighting shop, we house everything from smart ceiling lights to smart home solutions like motion sensors. Have queries? Leave us a message on our online live support and our experts will get back to you.

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