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Meanwell 24V Transformer

Choosing the right transformer
  1. Ensure that your LED strip and the transformer use the same voltage. 
    (24V in this case)
  2. Calculate total wattage: Total Wattage x Length
  3. Round up & select the power supply with a higher wattage. 

2m of Near Max Bright (40W Total Wattage) = 80W. 
Do not select a transformer that is lower than or at the same wattage as required by the LED strip system, pick the next available higher-wattage option. 

We recommend not exceeding 10m of LED strip in a single continuous line as it might cause a drop in brightness further down the LED strip and a reduction in lifespan. 

Dimensions (mm)
LPV 60W: 162.5 x 42.5 x 32
LPV 100W: 190 x 52 x 37
LRS 150W: 159 x 97 x 30
LRS 200W: 215 x 115 x 30

Voltage: DC 24V
IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor-use only)

2 year warranty

Ships via Ninjavan

Meanwell 24V Transformer



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