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Magnetic Track Light Singapore: Control With Near Phone App

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The magnetic track light is a lighting solution prevalent in Singapore, tailored for both homeowners and businesses.

Unlike traditional lighting systems, these lights seamlessly attach to a magnetic suction. This design promotes easy adjustments, granting users unmatched adaptability.

The core advantage lies in the track, which anchors the lights, providing a stable yet flexible base. This foundation empowers users to tailor their illumination preferences, accommodating changes in room aesthetics or functionality. The system’s modularity ensures that adapting to different spaces and designs is never a hassle.


Illuminate your own at-home ambience in a snap! With its integrated magnets, the magnetic track light enables you to effortlessly add brightness, subtract shadows or shift lights around quickly and just as easily. It’s like playing with Lego – simple, fast, and completely customisable to your liking.

Customisable Magnetic Light Tracks

Transform your space with ease! Create a unique look with our low-voltage tracks, which can quickly and safely shuffle spots or linear modules around the room. Cornered ceilings? Downward walls? No problem – customise your magnetic light track to match design expectations and turn any architectural challenge into an opportunity.

Circadian Lighting

With the Near magnetic track lights, you can have the perfect lighting setup that helps to match your natural biorhythm. Sync it with your body's internal clock to ensure that you're exposed to the right kind of light at the right time. This way, you can make time for what's important - whether it be staying productive during work hours or enjoying yourself in the evening.

Effortless Control

With the Near app, you can stay in bed and get your lights just how you like them. From changing colours to dimming brightness with the touch of a button on your smartphone, managing your magnetic track light system becomes a breeze. You don't even need to move an inch!

About Us

Established in Singapore, Near has progressively carved its niche as a luminary in modern lighting solutions. We are a trusted and reputable supplier of smart home systems, including LED strip lights, magnetic track lights, downlights, and ceiling lights.

Our ethos is rooted in seamlessly balancing aesthetics with robust functionality. Drawing from years of industry experience, our team's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality has garnered us the trust of a wide clientele base.

Our offerings exemplify the combination of state-of-the-art technology and innovative design. We do not just illuminate spaces; we enhance every user's experience with adaptive, resilient, and visually captivating lighting solutions.

Central to our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. From the initial design phase to post-sales support, we ensure every interaction echoes our dedication to excellence, reliability, and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Track Lights

Application of Magnetic Light Track System

Magnetic light tracks have ushered in a transformative era in home and office lighting. These magenetic light tracks, fundamentally different from traditional lighting systems, offer unprecedented flexibility. 

Crafted with a focus on modularity, they provide an array of customisable and adaptable options that address diverse lighting requirements.

One feature of these tracks is their adeptness in illuminating architecturally complex spaces. Whether it’s a room with angular recesses or unconventional ceiling designs, the magnetic track lights ensure comprehensive illumination, leaving no area shadowed.

Another defining attribute is their magnetic foundation. This facilitates effortless repositioning of the light fixtures. For dynamic spaces like art galleries or studios, where lighting needs can evolve based on exhibited pieces or project requirements, this proves invaluable. 

A gallery might need spotlighting for a sculpture today and ambient lighting for a painting tomorrow–magnetic light tracks make such transitions seamless.

Furthermore, businesses with frequently changing layouts or homeowners keen on regular interior revamps can easily adapt their lighting without incurring significant costs or undergoing extensive modifications.

In essence, magnetic light tracks have democratised lighting design. They empower even those without technical know-how to experiment with and perfect their spaces' ambience.

In Singapore, lighting shop Near offers quality and reliable magnetic light tracks for various needs, ensuring every individual can harness the potential of this innovative lighting solution.

Magnetic System Helpdesk

Smart Lighting Features

Built-in functions

  • Tunable White 
  • App Dimmable
  • Smart Scenes
  • Light Grouping
  • Schedule Function

Third-party integration services

Further enhance your personal convenience by asking Google or Alexa to activate your desired light setting for that specific moment. The magnetic lighting modules are compatible with the SmartThings App as well if your smart home is based on that ecosystem.

*Note: A Near Zigbee hub is still required as the magnetic lighting modules cannot be paired directly with the Samsung SmartThings Hub.


Never worry about the light falling. 

In addition to strong magnetic suction, the lighting modules are doubly secured with a press-to-lock and unlock gear which ensures a snug fit after being installed into the track. 

Technical Specifications

False Ceiling

Recommended false ceiling clearance: 10mm


High grade 2mm thick aluminium body

Track Size

Total Height: 47.6mm, 

Total Width (Incl. wings): 58mm

Cut Hole: 35mm

Length options: 1M / 2M / 3M


1.05kg per metre (excl. lighting accessories)


Input: 230-240V, Output: 48V

Max 200W Power Supply

Network Requirements

Wi-Fi network with 2.4GHz Frequency.

Android 4.0+, iOS 8.0+ 


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