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Premium Downlight

The Module


The Module is a smart downlight with customizable aesthetics to suit your home's interior decor.

Circadian Lighting

With our Module, you can have the perfect lighting setup that helps to match your natural biorhythm so you can make time for what's important - whether it be staying productive during work hours or enjoying yourself in the evening.

Customizable Look

Make your space shine with our awesomely customizable downlight! Choose from a variety of frames and design the perfect light to match any interior theme.


Trying to find the perfect frame for your space? Look no further than our EZ-series! It's designed with ease of use in mind - accessible simply by sliding it down, and featuring anti-glare properties as well its tiltability so you can get just the right angle. Get creative and make your home shine!


Don't get flash-blinded when you turn on the lights! With Module's gradual onset of brightness, it'll feel like a gentle sunrise in your own home.

Effortless Control

With the Near app, you can stay in bed and get your lights just how you like them - from changing colors to dimming brightness. You don't even need to move an inch!


The Module

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