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Have Full Control of Your Smart Home with Near

Have Full Control of Your Smart Home with Near

Now more than ever, people are looking for personalisation and customisation when it comes to the products that they purchase. From cars to even mobile phone plans, service providers are giving the customers the ability to switch things up and make it more personal – by choosing their own car seat upholstery to signing up for mobile add-ons, the list is endless. When it comes to designing one’s own home, from the very beginning, homeowners are given the reigns to decorate it the way they’ve always wanted to. So, one would assume that the freedom to control aspects of what happens within the confines of their abode couldn’t get any better. Well, you thought wrong!

I’m In Control Now!

Although there is a possibility that things might have gone unnoticed, there has been a change in the way we can ‘control’ our home. Because of technological advancements, a new-comer called smart technology has been taking autonomy to new heights. Sure, you had full control of when to switch on and off your lights, but with smart home automation systems, you can now automate almost everything! You can control how your smart lights will function today, tomorrow, and weeks from now – that is some next-level stuff if you ask us.

How the Near App Gives Ups Your Level of Autonomy

Is your home decked out with Near gadgets? Maybe you have other electronic appliances like air-conditioners and fans too. Well, guess what? The Near app can even control those! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – when it comes to designing a smart home automation system, Near is the app for that! If you’ve used the previous version of the Near app, we’ve revamped it, and the Near app 3.0 is now back better than ever. Available on the Apple app store and Google Play store, let’s see what this upgrade has to offer.

1. New lighting control panel

Spotting a new look, the Near app now is all about convenience and comfort. With an in-built colour wheel, you’ll have greater user experience. Visualise the colour in your living space and make use of the quick tap function that allows you to easily select commonly used lighting colours.

2. Power-on behaviour

Remember how we were talking about autonomy? Decide how your smart lights behave after a power outage. From remembering prior light statuses to activating your customised settings, this power-on behaviour will save you loads of time trying to reconfigure your smart home lighting to how it was previously.

3. New routines

Thought automating your lighting was cool enough? The Near app 3.0 has 2 new built-in features – waking up and bed-time. You can choose the days and the timing you would like your smart lights to fade in or out so that the transition is more gentle. 

4. For all your ups and downs

Do you have a music playlist for every activity that you typically partake in? One for work, one when chilling, or a calming playlist while mugging for your final exams? In similar way, you can build a “playlist” of light settings to accompany the task you have at hand. The new Mood function gives you the freedom to access and customise light settings and pair them up with photos for an intuitive navigation – talk about a Spotify just for lights.

5. View all your Near smart devices at a glance

Staying true to the original functions of the Near app, you’ll still be able to view and manage all your Near smart devices. Say goodbye to downloading multiple apps to control each device. Near is your one-stop app that allows you to access and control all the gadgets on one platform.

6. Add more homes and members

Near Smart Downlight | Home Automation

How does controlling smart lights from and in another location sound? If you own more than one property, the Near app allows you to add or remove properties and give more members access to the rooms. You can also make things more secure by only giving a limited number of people access and control. Just like those cool advertisements that show people switching on their air-conditioners before their reach their homes, you’ll be able to do that for multiple locations.  

7. Create a smart home straight from the Near App

From your air-conditioner to the colour you’d like your LED strip lights to emit, decide when you’d like them to turn on and off with a few simple clicks.

The Appeal of Smart Lights

The Appeal of Smart Lights

From levelling up your gaming setup and home entertainment system to helping you build the ultimate home theatre and elevate your home interior design, integrating a smart lighting control system is always the smart choice. But what so special about having a smart home with LED lights if they serve the same function as any other lighting in the market, right? Well, you thought wrong. More than any mere lighting you can find in lighting shops, smart lights bring a lot to the table. Beyond allowing you to control your lights remotely or by using voice commands, smart home LED lights also increase security, save electricity bills, and make your life way easier.

What Exactly Do Smart Lights Offer?

Yes, sure, smart lighting brings with it many benefits. But how exactly will it change your life for the better? Here’s a summary of some of the many ways it can have a positive influence on your life:

  • The convenience of controlling them using an app in your smartphone – say goodbye pausing your favourite movies just to adjust your light switch
  • Collaboration or working in sync with other smart appliances so that you can control multiple devices at once
  • Stumbling in the dark will be a thing of the past since smart lighting can be automated to switch on when it senses motion
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Manipulate lighting when you are not at home to deter burglars and robbers

Ways to Control Your Smart Lighting

If we were to boil things down to the basics of smart lighting, it becomes quite clear that one of the main reasons smart lights are said to be convenient lies in the fact that they can be controlled in various ways. Through touchless methods, or not, the ability to switch your smart lights on and off at your own will wherever and whenever you please is one of, if not the most innovative features. Here are some ways you’ll be able to control your Near smart lighting:

1.Traditional switch

It is always said that “old is gold”. Whether you’re all for sticking to traditions or analog methods of controlling gadgets, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll still have manual control over your smart lighting. You can still have traditional switches installed to control your lights from there if that’s what you like.

2. Smartphone

Probably the most popular way of controlling the lighting in a smart home, homeowners revel in the convenience of using their smartphone apps as a remote. A convenient method of control, it also gives you a broad selection of lighting “types” and hues to choose from. The Near app, for example, gives homeowners over 16 million colours to choose from – talk about lighting beyond imagination!

3. Voice activation

Without lifting a finger, you can now dim or turn off your lights. Many smart lights are designed to collaborate with Alexa or Amazon’s echo. By pairing these devices together, you can create a smart home control system by grouping lights together so that you can turn on specific lights by commanding your voice control assistants. Not sure how to connect smart lights to Alexa? Watch our Near Alexa setup guide.

Creative Ways to Use Smart Lighting 

So, you’ve decided that you do indeed want a smart lighting control system in your home. How can you use these lights to add value to your life?

  • Know who is entering your house

You can create a range of signal alerts by pairing your smart lights with motion or door sensors to alert you of any movement. If your lights turn on randomly, you’ll know that someone is strolling around your house unannounced.

  • Take a break

With remote work getting more popular, sitting in front of the screen for extended periods can do damage to your eyes. Schedule your smart lighting to dim or turn off, prompting you that it’s time to take a break.

  • Decorate your walls

The smart LED strip lights from Near allow you to choose from the 16 million colours available. Take advantage of the wide colour palette to add life to your home interior.

  • Put your furniture pieces on display

Spent a huge sum on a luxury piece of furniture? Use smart LED strip lights or smart light bulbs to create a striking effect and make a real statement.

  • Encourage better sleeping habits

Teach kids healthy sleep habits by using lighting as a visual indicator that it is time for bed. Get creative with your lighting colour choices to encourage soothing energies or get your kids amped up for the day.

Smart Home Trends of 2021 Worth Following

Smart Home Trends of 2021 Worth Following

Smart technology, smart office, smartphones, and now smart homes – everything “smart” has risen in popularity in the last few years. This is especially so for smart homes in Singapore. Once seen as an oddity or something only the rich could afford, smart homes have become more mainstream as smart home solutions become more accessible and affordable. But just because something is wallet-friendly does not mean it’s popular, right? So, why are people drawn to smart home automation? Well, for starters, it promises a lot of things. From keeping loved ones safe to getting rid of the need for you to do mundane tasks, much is brought to the table.

Technology in Your Smart Home

When one thinks of technology, one can’t help but think of computers, robots, and the internet. As much as this is true, technology has found its way into everyday household items and appliances. Offering domestic help in new and innovative ways, it comes as no surprise that products such as smart lights and smart motion sensors are no longer seen as foreign entities or alien-like.

An array of benefits

As smart home solutions and automation become more widely accepted, common myths about smart homes that were once believed by the masses are no longer taken seriously. People are well aware that most smart gadgets, like those from Near, take on a plug-and-play approach and can be easily incorporated into their homes. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to reap the benefits brought about by home automation strategies – you’ll simply have to try it out for yourself.

Getting started

But of course, we wouldn’t encourage you to go out, buy every smart tech device you set your eyes on, and install them at every corner of your home. How then do you make an informed purchase? Well, you could check out the latest trends and see what people are raving about! We cover a few of these that have popped up in 2021.

General Smart Home Trends

One key trend that we see is the increased appreciation for standardisation. Gone are the days where people are cool with owning a collection of different technologies connected over multiple apps. Homeowners are no longer a fan of the idea of having a wide variety of apps to set up their smart devices. Today, having a select few platforms that allow you to control multiple devices all at once is seen as a plus point when making a purchase decision.

Home Automation Ideas for 2021

Now that we’ve covered the one key factor that everyone is on the lookout for when attempting to transform their abode into a smart home, let’s take a look at some trends so that you can gain inspiration when planning the layout of your home.

1. Improve the quality of your life

Anything that improves your well-being is “in” this year. From gym memberships to journal writing apps, more emphasis is put on improving the quality of our lives. Hence, smart lighting which makes your life a whole lot easier is another one of the many home automation trends of 2021. Not only are they useful for families with the disabled or the young who may otherwise be unable to reach the light switch but they also elevate your home’s interior design and increase the security of your home.

2. A safe home - smart surveillance

Beyond an efficient smart home lighting system, home automation is being used in creative ways. Since there has been a global increase in the importance placed to counter security issues, homeowners are attempting to use gadgets to outsmart burglars. Beyond smart locks, motion sensors and door sensors are extremely useful in keeping your family safe, especially if they alert you immediately.

3. Manage your moods

Home automation capabilities are no longer limited to security cameras and turning your lighting on and off. Today, they are versatile and serve an array of functions. You can manage lighting scenarios on mobile phones, use voice commands to control smart devices, customise lighting scenarios, set up lighting control remotely, automate your house lighting depending on the day, weather, event, or mood, and more!

As one of the easiest ways to modernise your home, smart technology is a tool to leverage. Adding convenience to your lives and maybe even helping you save money and time in the long run, why not jump on the smart home automation bandwagon today?