We design uplifting lights that makes your life better

Near was established in 2019 to bring quality smart lighting to every Singaporean home with affordable prices, easy installation, and proper customer support.

We began when our founder, Wayne, a 2nd generation business owner, first experienced the benefits of smart lighting. The convenience of controlling his lights from the comfort of his couch and the ability to set the perfect ambience for any event - deep focus work, a relaxed evening after dinner, or crashing the couch for movie night.

What surprised him was that although many countries had begun to adopt this new technology, Singaporeans were still largely unfamiliar. However, when he sought to explore available options in the market, he soon realized why - the available options in the market were either overpriced, failing to meet safety requirements, or lacking in quality and proper customer support.

Backed by the team at Albert Hoo Electrical (AEC), Singapore’s leading SME with over 30 years’ heritage in the professional lighting and electrical industry, Wayne began developing a product for Singaporeans - affordable, easy to install, and with proper customer support.

Within the first months of launching, Near has successfully fitted residential units, corporate offices, and government-related projects. This is just the beginning, and our endgame is getting every Singaporean the lighting they deserve.