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LED Downlight Singapore: Shop Online With Us Today!

Step into the future of home illumination with Near. Our unmatched range of downlights stands as a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and innovative design. Crafted meticulously, every of our product promises a synergy of cutting-edge technology with strikingly contemporary aesthetics.



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The Edge Downlight


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But it's not just about the light; it's about the experience. Our lightings are not just fixtures; they are instruments of ambience, transforming ordinary spaces into ones with luminous allure. With Near, every corner of your home will be lit up with precision, spotlighting life’s best moments.

Moreover, as Singapore’s premier lighting shop for LED downlights, we understand the pulse of our city’s homes. Near is more than a brand – it is a promise of excellence and a pledge to deliver the best lighting solutions in ways you never imagined.

Step into the glow, discover, and let Near transform your lighting experience.

Why Choose Our LED Downlight Singapore

Near's lighting solution have emerged as a beacon for homeowners seeking not just illumination, but a lifestyle change. But what makes our products stand out in a sea of alternatives?

1. Seamless Smart Home Integration

Embrace the future of smart living with our downlights that effortlessly complement your smart home systems. Whether you voice command through Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, Near SG is not just compatible but also a recognised entity in their ecosystems. It's not just about turning lights on and off; it's about producing the right room light setting and mood at your command.

2. Sleek Modern Design

We believe that design is a combination of form and function. Our LED downlight Singapore products aren't just powerful luminous devices; they are pieces of art. Each piece is crafted with its final design in mind, ensuring that your home exudes modern elegance from every angle.

3. High-Grade Lighting

Committed to quality, we dive into lighting science with rigorous research, design, and testing. This results in our downlights providing exceptional luminance. Precisely calibrated, they beautifully illuminate your spaces.

4. Advanced Wireless Lighting Adaptability

Boasting built-in tunable white LED chips, our light fixes boast a colour temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K, allowing you to achieve warm white light and daylight with a single module. This ensures you have a diverse palette to customise any space, be it for leisure or productivity, delivering the perfect ambience every time.

5. Scheduled Lighting Automation

Enhance your daily routine with our light's scheduling feature. Using the Near app, set your lights to adjust to optimal colours, ensuring you remain productive and immersed in the right ambience throughout the day.

6. Near Scene Switch Integration

For those who appreciate tactile control, our light fixtures seamlessly integrate with the Near smart switch. A simple button press effortlessly adjusts your lighting, allowing you to instantly set the perfect ambience for your space.

Near - A Trusted Brand for LED Downlight Singapore

Searching for the ideal light glow in Singapore? Look no further than Near, where lighting isn’t just our business; it’s our passion. We aren't merely a lighting shop in Singapore; we're in the business of trust, reliability, and consistent brilliance.

Established in 2019, Near stands as a distinguished and trusted brand for downlights, embodying a legacy of reliability and excellence. With a focus on delivering exceptional lighting solutions, Near has earned its reputation as a go-to source for discerning homeowners seeking unparalleled quality. This has been made possible through meticulous research, design, and testing, which has allowed us to curate a range of light fixes that redefine luminance. 

Today, Near is a reputable brand for smart lights, amongst other lighting solutions, illuminating numerous spaces islandwide. Elevate your lighting experience with Near. Explore our curated range of lighting products and embrace a partnership that brings brilliance to every corner of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are downlights used for?

These lighting types are versatile lighting fixtures recessed into ceilings, offering uniform, ambient lighting that can be tailored for various applications. Seamlessly blending with interior aesthetics, they are ideal for general room illumination, accenting specific areas, or adding depth and warmth to a space. Their understated elegance and adaptability make them a favourite for modern smart home designs.

What's the difference between a downlight and a spotlight? 

The former generally fall into two categories: Spot and Diffused. The diffused type of downlight is designed to emit light evenly over a broad area, creating a consistent and widespread glow, ideal for ambient or general room lighting. The soft illumination they provide contributes to a comfortable environment. In contrast, spot downlights, also referred to as spotlights, focus on a more targeted approach. They emit a tight, concentrated beam of light, perfectly suited for highlighting or accentuating specific features within a space. While both types are recessed into ceilings and provide essential lighting functions, the choice between diffused and spot types depends on the desired lighting effect and the specific needs of the room or area to be illuminated.

Do downlights save electricity?

Yes, our LED light bulbs are energy savers. Designed for the modern smart home, they use a fraction of the electricity that their traditional incandescent or halogen counterparts do. Beyond just immediate electricity savings, these LED options boast an impressive lifespan, reducing the frequent need for replacements. 

Is it safe to leave downlights on? 

Yes, it is safe to leave our them on as Near's smart LED lights, undergo rigorous testing and are crafted with precision, ensuring they meet the highest safety benchmarks. Our dedication to quality means you can trust our illuminiation products for continuous use. However, to promote environmental consciousness and optimise energy consumption, it's wise to switch them off when they're not serving a purpose.

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