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The Scope Smart DownlightThe Scope Smart Downlight
The Arc Smart DownlightThe Arc Smart Downlight
The Edge DownlightThe Edge Downlight
The Edge Downlight Sale price$130
EZ-Frame (Frame Only)EZ-Frame (Frame Only)
EZ-Frame (Frame Only) Sale price$35
EZ-SCOPE (Frame Only)EZ-SCOPE (Frame Only)
EZ-SCOPE (Frame Only) Sale price$31
RBO (Frame Only)RBO (Frame Only)
RBO (Frame Only) Sale priceFrom $22
RADJ (Frame Only)RADJ (Frame Only)
RADJ (Frame Only) Sale price$24
Donut Downlight (Frame Only)Donut Downlight (Frame Only)

Near Smart Downlights

LED Downlight Singapore - Learn More about our Smart Downlights!

Our smart downlights are designed with comfort & convenience in mind, allowing you to adjust brightness levels and color temperatures with just a simple tap on your smartphone. Whether you're setting the ambiance for a dinner party, creating a productive work environment, or winding down for the night, our lights cater to every moment of your day.

Near Smart Downlight Features

Control your downlights anywhere, anytime.

All our downlights are smartphone-controlled. Once paired with our Zigbee Hub, the full potential of our smart downlights is unlocked. Switch from wireless dimming and color-changing to setting up automation with motion sensors. Whether you're settling in for a movie night or brightening your workspace, our user-friendly app simplifies adjusting the lighting for any occasion.

Downlights that caters to your daily routines.

Beyond mere lighting, our downlights are intuitively designed to align with your daily routines. Wake up gently to a warm sunrise glow, focus effortlessly with cool daylight tones during work hours, and ease into your evening with a soft, relaxing ambiance.

Purposefully engineered downlights, inside and out.

Our premium LED downlights, like The Module 2 Series, undergo lab testing for brightness and color accuracy to enhance lighting performance with superior visual comfort. The design and materials are crafted to withstand time and elevate any interior style. Our downlights not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing you with a lighting solution that is both durable and visually stunning.


Smart Downlight Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Choose Near Smart Downlights?

A Trusted Brand for Downlights

At Near, we prioritize the development of smart downlights that cater to a spectrum of needs and preferences within Singaporean households. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to smart downlights. These fixtures transcend mere illumination, as they are prominently displayed on ceilings, making aesthetics a crucial factor.

Building on our commitment to enhance living spaces, our smart downlights emerge not just as lighting fixtures, but as a dynamic element of home decor. Aesthetically designed to complement any interior style, these downlights bring an elegant touch to both traditional and contemporary homes. Beyond their visual appeal, the lights boast high-colour rendering capabilities, ensuring that every hue appears vibrant and true-to-life. This feature, combined with adjustable brightness and color temperatures that range from warm to cool, empowers homeowners to tailor their lighting to meet specific needs or moods—be it a brightly lit workspace or a softly illuminated room for evening relaxation. With the integration of app control, adjusting your home's ambiance becomes as simple as a tap on your smartphone. These innovations stand at the core of our mission to deliver not just light, but an enhanced living experience.

As lighting enthusiasts, downlights are also one of our favorite luminaires to make. Recognizing the diverse needs of households, we've engineered our downlights to be practical for all family settings. For homes with elderlies, we produce downlights that emit wide-angled, diffused lighting, ensuring a consistent and gentle illumination that enhances visibility and safety. Additionally, our downlights built with COB (Chip on Board) LED Chips offer a comfortable spot glow. These LED downlights feature anti-glare properties, making them perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere without the harshness often associated with direct lighting. This careful balance between functionality and comfort underscores our commitment to meet the varied lighting needs of every homeowner.