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LED Strips & Smart LED Strips.

LED Strip Lights in Singapore: Set The Right Mood For Your Home

Imagine transforming the ambiance of your space with a mere addition of light. LED strip lights aren't just about illumination – they're about creating an experience. A dash of strip lighting behind your TV, tucked beneath your sofa, or subtly placed under your bed can elevate the mood from the mundane to the magical. You no longer merely exist in your space; you immerse yourself in an atmosphere tailored to your desires.

But what exactly are LED strip lights?

Dive deep into the realm of these innovative lights and you'll find a world teeming with possibilities. LED strip lights predominantly consist of multiple individual LED emitters that are intricately mounted on a flexible, slender circuit board. Operating on low-voltage DC power, these lights promise efficiency without compromising on the brilliance of their glow. One of their most commendable features is the diverse spectrum they offer – from fixed radiant colours to varying shades and brightness levels, there's a strip light for every mood and setting.

Additionally, the practicality of these lights is undeniable. Typically arriving in long reels, often around 16 feet or 5 metres, they grant users the flexibility to cut them to the desired length. And with the inclusion of double-sided adhesive, mounting them becomes a hassle-free task. Whether you're yearning for a serene, calm atmosphere or a vibrant, lively vibe, LED strip lights can conjure up the exact ambiance you’re striving to achieve. And with advancements in technology, some of these lights can even seamlessly integrate with smart LED light systems, allowing you to control their glow with a remote or smartphone app.

In a world where personalisation is paramount, LED strip lights offer a canvas where your mood paints the scene. Every hue, every shade, is a reflection of your essence. 

About Us

Near, founded in 2019, is the embodiment of innovation and excellence in smart lighting . Our genesis is rooted in Wayne’s experience, a second-generation business owner who found solace in the convenience and ambiance-enhancing potential of smart lighting including LED strip lights.

Backed by Albert Hoo Electrical (AEC), a lighting and electrical industry veteran with a rich 30-year heritage, Near embarked on a mission to develop accessible smart lights that could effortlessly set the mood for Singaporean homes. Our vision was simple – provide affordable, easy-to-install lights backed by dedicated customer support.

As pioneers in the smart lighting domain, we view our LED strip lights as curated experiences that offer homeowners the flexibility to tailor the ambience for any event. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of residential units, corporate offices, and even government-related projects across Singapore.

Our expertise, cultivated by our deep understanding of modern aesthetics and needs, is reflected in our lighting solutions. We prioritise not only quality and ease of installation but also long-term durability, ensuring that every Near light fixture seamlessly integrates into your home decor as a cherished element.

The journey of Near has only just begun. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assures that we are on the right path to bringing the best lighting experience to every Singaporean home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Led Strip Lights

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

Contrary to popular belief, LED strip lights are notably energy-efficient. Their consumption rates are significantly lower compared to traditional lighting solutions. The primary reason is the technology behind LEDs. Designed to emit light without wasting much energy in heat, they offer optimal luminosity while consuming minimal power. As a result, adopting LED strip lights in your daily life can often translate into reduced electricity bills over time, making them both an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Is it OK to leave LED strip lights on all night?

LED strip lights are crafted for durability and are known to produce minimal heat, making them safe for extended use. However, while the technology permits overnight operation without major wear, there are other factors to consider. Consistent, prolonged use can marginally decrease the overall lifespan. Additionally, from an energy conservation perspective, it's prudent to turn off any lights when not in active use. So, while leaving them on all night won’t cause immediate harm, it's recommended for longevity and sustainability to turn them off when not required.

How long does an LED strip light last?

The LED strip lights have an impressive lifespan. On average, they promise a lifespan ranging between 25,000 to 50,000 hours. This duration, however, is influenced by several factors: the quality of the LED, usage patterns, and the conditions under which they operate. For instance, LEDs in cooler environments tend to outlive those subjected to constant heat. By ensuring optimal conditions and quality products, users can experience the upper end of this lifespan, ensuring years of luminous delight.

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