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Dealership & Reseller registration for 2023 has ended.
Dealership & Reseller registration for 2023 has ended.

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Smart Home Lighting Shop in Singapore

Looking for a place to shop for home lighting products in Singapore? Light up your home with our extensive collection of smart lights that includes a variety of smart bulbs, downlights, LED strips, ceiling lamps and everything else to illuminate your entire indoor space.

Your Smart Singaporean Home Lighting Brand 

Near is all about lighting up dark corners of your living space. Be it your bedroom, dining room or kitchen, we work to provide you with the best technologically-advanced lighting solutions that will complement your unique interior design style.

We are not just about smart lights but offer an extensive range of smart home products including smart switches, smart sensors, smart cameras and required accessories for homes in Singapore.

Smart lighting lets you control your light settings according to your needs, allowing you to change the mood and atmosphere of your home in an instant. At Near, we have affordable options for ceiling lights, smart bulbs and other smart home products to elevate your day-to-day living experience.

As smart home technology is improving, we are also working to make our smart lighting products smarter. By equipping them with Wi-Fi technology, our smart lights can be controlled easily without installing any central hub. Moreover, our smart sensors are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, ensuring complete control and convenience from any personal device. 

Why Choose Us for Smart Home Lighting?

The idea behind Near was to make smart lights that are easy to use, affordable and customisable just by using the smartphone ‘Near’ you. Wayne Hoo, our founder, discovered his passion in lighting while working on commercial projects and wanted to make lights that can be adjusted as per the mood from anywhere. In 2018, he even spent time in China to learn more about lighting and cloud-based platforms. After a lot of meetings and discussions with industry experts, Near has accomplished its goal of making affordable, intuitive, and ultra-slim smart lights for all.

Near is your one-stop smart appliance store that can help you transform your home into a smart home. Place your order for lighting products at our online shop, and enjoy island wide delivery across Singapore. For more information about the delivery process and rates, you can visit our delivery page

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Lighting

1. How do I choose LED lights for my home?

To choose LED lights for your home, begin with counting the number of bulbs you want to have in your home and decide what Lumen (lm) rating you prefer (which will determine the amount of light the bulb gives out). Then consider additional factors – do you want the lights to change colour? Do you want to change between Luman ratings?

At Near, a leading online lighting shop in Singapore, you get to choose a wide variety of ED bulbs and LED light strips from our smart light collection to brighten your home.

2. Does Near offer smart switches for home lighting?

Yes, you can choose from an extensive collection of smart switches available in our online lighting shop in Singapore. Smart switches make your regular home lights smart and let you control all your smart home products easily via linking to the Near app.

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