Smart Electric Zigbee Curtain Set 3.1M

Sale price$270

Length: 3.1M
2-Year Warranty

2-year Manufacturing Warranty.

This innovative curtain can be set to automatically open and close, allowing you to be gently awakened by the gradual rise of the morning sun and create the perfect ambiance as night falls.

Electrical Specs

Power: 88W
Output Current: 0.4A
Voltage: 100-240V, (50/60Hz)

Motor Specs

Speed: 15 cm/s
Max Load: 40kg
Lifespan: ≥25000hrs
Rev. / Min: 100rpm
Torque: 1.2Nm
Motor Decibel: ~35dB

Hardware Specs

Track Length: 3.1M
IP20 (Indoor Use),
Material: Aluminium Alloy