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Smart Electric Zigbee Curtain Set 3.1MSmart Electric Zigbee Curtain Set 3.1M
Near Zigbee Hub (HomeKit)Near Zigbee Hub (HomeKit)
Zigbee Hub AirZigbee Hub Air
Zigbee Hub Air Sale price$44
Smart Switch (A-Series)Smart Switch (A-Series)
Smart Switch (A-Series) Sale priceFrom $54
Motion Sensor, PIR (Zigbee Hub Required)Motion Sensor, PIR (Zigbee Hub Required)
Smart Contact Sensor (Zigbee Hub Required)
Smart Switch (X-Series)Smart Switch (X-Series)
Smart Switch (X-Series) Sale priceFrom $54
Smart Switch (Touch Series)Smart Switch (Touch Series)
Smart Switch (Touch Series) Sale priceFrom $54
Smart Heater Switch (Touch Series)Smart Heater Switch (Touch Series)
Zigbee Smart Scene SwitchZigbee Smart Scene Switch
Smart Universal Remote Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR) & Radio-Frequency (RF)Smart Universal Remote Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR) & Radio-Frequency (RF)
Universal Remote Smart Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR)Universal Remote Smart Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR)
Safety Marked USB AdaptorSafety Marked USB Adaptor
Zigbee Repeater Adaptor (Zigbee Hub Required)Zigbee Repeater Adaptor (Zigbee Hub Required)
Smart Plug, 16A (Wi-Fi)Smart Plug, 16A (Wi-Fi)
Smart Camera (Pan & Tilt)Smart Camera (Pan & Tilt)

Smart Home Collection

Easy Smart Home System in Singapore for a more convenient & comfortable lifestyle.

Welcome to Near's online store for smart home products! Explore our curated array of smart devices designed to automate your home in Singapore. Our selection features Zigbee Hubs, smart curtain tracks, smart switches, smart infrared controllers, and more.

Top 6 Benefits of Home Automation

Smart Infrared + RF Universal Remote Controller

1. Control your home's air-conditioner wirelessly.

A smart home allows you to return to a home that's been pre-cooled for your comfort. Singapore can get really hot. Imagine being able to switch your non-smart Daikin or Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning on before you get home for a comfortable entrance.

Zigbee Smart PIR Motion Sensor

2. Level up your home's security.

Get ready to take your home security to the next level with a smart home system in Singapore! Not only does it provide an extra layer of protection, but it can also automate your light bulbs and other appliances. Imagine your floor lamp turning on as soon as someone approaches your doorstep.

Zigbee Smart Contact Sensor

3. No more fumbling in the dark to find your switches.

Smart home systems significantly enhance the safety of your home. Imagine your entryway lighting up the instant you open the door at night, providing immediate visibility for locating light switches and placing your shoes in the cabinet.

Wi-Fi Smart Camera

4. Monitor your home from any location.

Do you have young children or elderly family members at home? Incorporating a smart camera into your smart home system is essential. It allows you to monitor your loved ones from afar with ease.

Zigbee Smart Switches

5. Turn off all the lights at home with one tap on your smartphone.

For busy adults, rushing off to work can often mean forgetting to turn off the lights at home. Smart switches, a key component of a smart home, enable you to turn off the lights even from the office. They also offer the convenience of turning off your lights without having to leave your couch after a tiring day.

Zigbee Smart Motorized Curtain Tracks

6. Automatically fill your home with sunlight.

No artificial LED lighting can match the health advantages of natural sunlight. A smart motorized curtain can be scheduled to let in the soothing morning sunlight, waking you up gently. Another smart home essential appliance.

How can I make my home smart in Singapore?

Smart Home Basics

How do I get started?

Pairing and configuring smart home devices, like a smart infrared controller, are relatively straightforward procedures, often involving just a few taps on a smartphone app. Even more critical, however, is the planning phase prior to purchasing smart home products. You should first consider your lifestyle needs. Mapping out what functionalities are most important and determining how these smart home devices can work together to create a cohesive ecosystem, can enhance the convenience and efficiency of daily routines.

1. Planning your Smart Home

Embarking on your smart home journey starts with a meaningful discussion with your family about what they desire and need. Are they looking for comfort, convenience, security, or perhaps a blend of these elements? Additionally, it's vital to take into account the makeup of your household. The presence of elderly family members or young children can greatly shape your smart home design strategy. For instance, if frequent adjustments to your smart lights are anticipated, an elderly individual might instinctively switch off a conventional switch, inadvertently disconnecting your smart devices. A smart switch solves this issue by allowing remote reactivation, enabling subsequent adjustments to color temperature or brightness. Alternatively, a smart scene switch offers wireless control over the lights, complete with tangible click feedback, simplifying the explanation process.

2. Prepare a Budget

Allocating a specific budget for your smart home is crucial to avoid overspending. A significant advantage of a smart home is its adaptability, allowing you to modify your setup by adding or removing devices as your needs evolve. We suggest beginning with essential components like smart lighting, motion sensors, door locks, infrared remotes, curtains, doorbells, and switches for an effective foundation.

3. Wi-Fi or Zigbee

Wi-Fi and Zigbee stand out as the leading communication protocols for smart home systems in Singapore, each offering distinct advantages. At Near, our expertise leads us to advocate for a hybrid approach. For products that are installed in large quantities, such as smart downlights, we prefer Zigbee. This preference stems from its ability to connect through a Zigbee hub, thereby reducing the load on your router's device capacity. Conversely, for standalone devices like video doorbells and smart locks, Wi-Fi is the recommended choice. The rationale is straightforward: the investment in a hub for a single device doesn't justify its cost. While these are fundamental considerations to begin with, there are more intricate factors at play, offering a glimpse into the initial steps of smart home integration.

4. A Stable Wi-Fi Network

To ensure your smart home devices react instantly to app or voice commands, it's crucial to have a strong and stable wi-fi network throughout your home. An easy and free method to assess this is by connecting your smart phone to your 2.4Ghz wi-fi network and running a "speed test" via Google in every room or the farthest corners of your home. For areas with weak signals, known as "dead zones", enhancing connectivity with mesh routers from reputable brands like "TP-LINK" is an effective solution. If your internet service provider doesn't supply high-quality mesh routers, purchasing them separately is advisable for achieving optimal smart home connectivity.

5. Communicate with your Interior designer or contractor

If you're a new homeowner or currently renovating your home, involving your project manager in the smart home planning process can be helpful. A professional ID can offer valuable suggestions tailored to your lifestyle and help avoid purchasing items that won't fit with your home's architecture. Imagine the frustration of buying a series of smart downlights for your living room, only to discover your house lacks a false ceiling. Often, interior designers include electrical work in your renovation contract, potentially saving you from extra costs associated with smart home product installation. Since many modern smart home devices can be installed in the same manner as traditional fixtures, like LED lights, leveraging this expertise can prevent unnecessary expenses.

Final Tip: Don't pay for Configuration.

Avoid paying for on-site configuration services for smart home products, as they are generally designed for easy app integration. Many smart home providers charge excessive fees for simple tasks, like pairing a smart switch, which can be completed in just a minute following installation. For instance, pairing a Tuya Zigbee smart switch involves merely pressing a button for 5 to 10 seconds; the app then automatically connects it via a Zigbee hub. Instead, invest the money you save from avoiding these fees into high-quality smart home products that offer long warranties and truly matter to you. Additionally, learning to pair devices yourself means you won’t be dependent on a service provider for reconnection in case of accidental disconnection.


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With smart lighting as our core focus, we initiated our smart home system journey by introducing products that complement smart lighting, such as smart PIR motion sensors, contact sensors, and smart switches. In 2021, we made a strategic shift from wi-fi smart home sensors to Zigbee ones, prioritizing energy efficiency and faster response times. Additionally, we broadened our range to include other smart home products that are user-friendly for the everyday consumer, covering more aspects of the home.

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