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Smart LED Light Bulbs & Lighting System In Singapore — Near

“Alexa, turn on the lights!” Let your wish of transforming your home with Alexa come true with our smart lighting systems. 

Here at Near, our online lighting shop in Singapore, we provide innovative lighting experiences with a user-friendly range of smart bulbs, downlights, LED Lights, ceiling lights and LED strips to automate your smart home. 

Just install the right smart home apps or the Near app and enjoy being able to effortlessly control the smart lighting in your home with your voice or via smart controls. Our durable and easy-to-use LED lights also help you to be smart and energy efficient at the same time. Find out more in our beginner’s guide to smart homes.

Why are Smart Lighting Systems a Clever Choice for Homeowners?

Smart lighting has gained the attention of most homeowners in Singapore for all the right reasons. With smart LED light bulbs, you can do away with the traditional wall switches in your home and switch to controlling your lights with smart sensors and smart switches. Simply put, smart lighting systems have made it easier to manage your lighting system with the help of new technologies. Now, you can equip your rooms with smart lighting that works in sync with your lifestyle, without you being required to make any adjustments.

To turn your standard home into a smart home, check out the smart range of lighting products available at Near at affordable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart LED Lights

1. Why are smart LED light bulbs so in demand right now?

Smart lights offer the convenience of adjusting the light settings of your room without moving an inch. Not only this, but they also work in sync with other smart appliances to give you complete control over your home. Smart bulbs can also be automated to power on and off on their own, and with smart LED lights outfitted into your lighting fixtures, you can be energy-efficient as well. 

2. How can smart LED light bulbs help with home security?

A smart lighting system used in tandem with a smart camera can help to strengthen your home security. Before leaving your house, you can schedule your smart switches and LED light bulbs to power on and off automatically in various patterns so that burglars will think someone is at home.

Near- Brightening Singapore with Smart LED Lights

At Near, we're more than just a lighting company; we're a game-changer in the smart LED lighting industry in Singapore. Established in 2019 to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, we are revolutionising the way people see and feel light.

Our smart LED lights are not mere bulbs but a lifestyle choice, created for those who value design, innovation, and quality. We understand that lighting plays a vital role in defining spaces and emotions, so we've designed our products to be user-friendly, affordable, and responsive to your daily needs.

Being a reputable brand of lighting products, it isn't just about selling products. Rather, it is about understanding the needs of modern Singaporeans and providing solutions that make life brighter and better. Our extensive range of home lighting products including smart LED lights, ceiling lights and others can be controlled with just a swipe on your mobile device, offering you the perfect ambience for every moment.

Within just a few years, Near has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology, uncompromised quality, and unwavering customer support. Our footprint spans homes, offices, and public spaces across Singapore, reflecting our commitment to enhancing lives with brilliant, smart LED lights.

Join us on this luminous journey and discover how Near can brighten your world with our smart LED lights.

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