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Near RF Remote Control

ColorTunable White

Introducing the ultimate companion for your Near Zigbee LED Strip Controller - the handy remote. Effortlessly change colors, dim the lights, or activate smart scenes. With the ability to control up to 4 zones (groups), managing your lighting has never been easier. The pairing process is quick and seamless, taking less than a minute. Choose from tunable white and a wide range of vibrant colors. Plus, the remote runs on just 2 AA batteries.

    To Pair

    1. Locate and short-press the "match" button on the smart controller
    2. Immediately press either the "On/Off" or
    3. Choose a Zone button on the handheld remote.
    4. The LED indicator on the smart controller should start flashing a few times which indicates that the pairing process is successful.

    To Delete

    1. Long-press the "match" button on the smart controller for 20s,
    2. Once the LED indicator flashes rapidly a few times, it means that all paired remote controls have been deleted successfully.

    2 year warranty

    Ships via Ninjavan

    Near RF Remote Control



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