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Meanwell 48V Transformer

Original price $48.60 - Original price $81.00
Original price
$48.60 - $81.00
Current price $48.60
Power: 100W

Choosing the right transformer

To pick a suitable transformer, remember VW (Volkswagen).
V = Voltage, W = Wattage.

Select a corresponding voltage to the LED strip. Since Near magnetic LED modules are 48V, select a 48V transformer.

The magnetic LED modules come in different wattages. To know which wattage to choose, simply add the wattages of the different modules together.

Example: If you are installing 5x 18W Linear flood module, 3 x 9W Cylinder Pendant module, 1x 9W Tracklight module. 

Total Wattage: (5 x 18W) + (3 x 9W) + (1 x 9W) = 126W 
Pick a transformer that is has 15% more power capacity to ensure the longevity of the lighting modules: 126 x 1.15 = 144.9W. Since there are no 144.9W transformers, you can opt for the 150W transformer.

Hardware Specifications

Dimensions (mm)
100W: 129 x 97 x 30
150W: 159 x 97 x 30
200W: 215 x 115 x 30

Voltage: DC 48V
IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor-use only)