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Straight Connector Magnetic Module


The straight connector connects in the middle of two track pieces and supplies power to the entire magnetic track configuration. 

Tip: During the magnetic track configuration design process, only use this straight connector if your magnetic track is longer than 3m. The spot where the straight connector is installed prevents a magnetic lighting module from being inserted and blocks other lighting modules from being able to slide past it.

Always pick the rounded-up length and ask your electrician to trim it down to your desired length as compared to buying 2 lengths and connecting them via the straight connector. E.g. If you want a continuous 1.7m track configuration, select the 2m option & trim off 0.3m. 
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Download Data Booklet

Straight Connector Module: NMTS-ADCM157

Length: 157mm

2 year warranty

Ships via Ninjavan

Straight Connector Magnetic Module



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