Build a Smart Home Automation System with Near

Build a Smart Home Automation System with Near

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and increased adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the term ‘domotics’ has been coined to represent smart home automation. Many are now gravitating towards state-of-the-art living, and the value of the global home automation market is projected to reach an astonishing SGD 160.5 Billion by the end of 2025. Besides our gravitation towards and dependence on technology, why is the smart home automation, or domotics market booming? – Convenience. When technology is strategically integrated into a home, it constantly evolves to satisfy its homeowners’ needs, increasing conveniences in life.

One of the key starting points for constructing a do-it-yourself smart home is – lighting. Based in Singapore, Near brings quality smart lighting solutions and end-to-end services to its customers. With online and retail stores, Near aims to offer the benefits of affordable smart lighting to every Singaporean home.

How to Gain a Peace of Mind with the Near App

To seamlessly integrate smart home devices into your abode, smart home apps must be downloaded. With almost a million apps available to complete your smart home control system, finding the best smart home devices, and accompanying smart home apps for real-time manipulation might be overwhelming. This is where the Near App comes in.

1. What is the Near App

How does the Near app help one to gain peace of mind? A home automation app, the Near app automates your Near lighting, TVs, domestic air-conditioning, remote controlled wall, and ceiling fans. It is the one app that rules over most of your smart home devices. Acting as a remote control of sorts, the app connects various sensors and devices to its versatile and ever-developing platform.

2. Why Should You Use It

Why Should You Use It

Smart Home Near App

By adding your Near widgets and enabling Near Skill, you get individual device control, all in the palm of your hands! Say goodbye to multiple apps and eliminate confusion on which app controls what device; simply download the key to smart home bliss – the Near app.

With a single tap, you will be able to change your Near smart lights to one of the 16 million colours, dim, or even brighten them without adjusting a dimmer switch. For a smart home with voice control features, enable the Near Skill in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Link it to your Near account, and simply say “Alexa, turn on light” and voila! Together with the Near universal controller, the Near app also allows you to automate your aircon and Near smart lights to turn on and off according to personalised schedules. Away from home and looking for a quick security solution? Gain peace of mind by setting a ‘Trigger Scene’ on the Near app to switch certain devices on, warding off possibilities of crime.

3. The Who, When, and Where of the App

The Who, When, and Where of the App

Control Smart Home Devices in More than One Location

Easy to use, the app can be used by anyone with a smartphone. Built with an authorisation feature, you can add and remove users and homes. Be the sole controller of your Near Smart bulbs and schedule your devices to turn on before arriving home from work under the ‘Schedule’ tab and simply select an ‘Execution Time’. You can also control Near ceiling lights in your child’s room from your bedroom, and add more ‘homes’ like your office under ‘Family Management’ and create your own custom room. Whether you are at home or in the office, instantly access your lights and smart home devices anytime and anywhere.

4. How to Use the Near App and Which Products can be Linked to it

The Near app can be linked to all Near lighting. With the Near Smart Universal Remote, it can also be linked to other smart devices like air conditioners with an LCD remote controller. Compatible with Siri, Alex, Google Assistant, and your apple watch, the possibilities of the Near app are endless. 

Watch our video on how to install the Near App here.

Thrilled with the new technological wave that is about to take over interior design ideals and build a smart home for yourself in Singapore? For more information on the Near app and Near products, read through our Frequently Asked Questions here, or contact us at (65) 9660 1090 or

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