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Rectify Poor Sleeping Habits with Smart Lighting

Rectify Poor Sleeping Habits with Smart Lighting

Believe it or not, Singapore is the third most sleep-deprived country! With work-life taking the driver’s seat, many Singaporeans have poor sleeping habits, functioning on little to none. Being the cornerstone of well-being, mental and physical health, sufficient sleep is vital for optimal health, giving the brain essential time to process information, remove waste products, and even prevent health issues such as depression and high blood pressure. However, many of us trade sleep for work or social activities. This has wreaked havoc on our body’s circadian rhythm and left us searching for quick fixes on how to get better quality sleep.

A study done by the University of Munich’s Institute of Medical Psychology stated that now, more than ever, there is a clash between our body’s need for sleep and the modern-day demands we must live up to. This phenomenon that has disguised itself as a state of normalcy is called ‘social jet lag’. Playing havoc on our biological clocks, ‘social jet lag’ leaves us stuck on a hamster’s wheel of being less efficient at work, working more, and in turn, sleeping less. This is where smart home lighting comes in. But what does smart lighting have to do with our sleeping habits? The latest smart lighting technology embraces synchronicity with the sun, and fixes your sleeping habits – let us see what you can do with Near smart lighting in Singapore and how it can help you to sleep better at night.

1. Wake up with the Sun

Wake up with the Sun

A biological clock in our brains controls our circadian rhythm – bodily changes that are in response to light exposure. Biologically programmed to sync with the sun, exposure to light decreases our melatonin production, a sleep-inducing hormone, spurring us into action. However, with ‘social jet lag’, mistyping sleep as an indulgence, and late nights, buzzing alarms and snooze buttons have become part of our daily morning routine. 

To get better control over your morning routine, try smart LED lights that can be app activated. Schedule a routine on the Near app and automate your Near smart bulb lighting to switch on at a specific time in the morning. This way, your body acclimatises to the finely tuned natural circadian rhythm without the disruption of a shrilling alarm.

2. Drift Off to Sleep

The flipside of your circadian rhythm involves the absence of light. Darkness triggers your body to release a surge of melatonin, lulling you to sleep. Just like the sunset, automate your smart home LED ceiling light control system fade to eventual darkness. You could also use the voice control feature and command Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to turn the lights completely off when in bed. Try it out for yourselves! Have your Near Smart Ceiling lighting slowly dim to a warm hue a few hours before bed, and experience the calm that will envelop you. 

Fun fact: Light therapy, which involves sitting near a source of light, is said to be an effective method in resetting the body clock and regulating sleep patterns. However, such treatment should always be administered by a qualified professional.

Automate your Smart Home Lighting for Better Sleep

From Smart spotlights like the Near Smart MR16 Bulb and GU10 bulbs to feature lights like the Near Orbit, how can Near smart lights in Singapore, help you get better sleep? Near offers a range of lighting solutions, even for one of the biggest aggravators of poor sleeping habits – technology. Many of us set alarms on our cell phones, or scroll through Instagram and Facebook, before falling asleep. But these devices emit blue light that is of the same wavelength as daylight. They trick our bodies into thinking its daytime, inhibiting melatonin production, and in turn, keeping us awake. With the Near app and smart lighting solutions, you will be able to control your smart lights remotely, and ahead of time. When integrated into your smart home lighting control system, even our feature lights will be able to help rectify your sleeping habits. So, wave goodbye to late-night scrolls through social media and embrace a better night’s sleep with Near.

For more information on how Near smart lights in Singapore can help you to sleep better, contact us at (65) 9660 1090, or drop us an email at


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